Netflix Is Releasing 14 Brand-New Christmas Movies This Holiday Season—Here’s the Full List

Updated: Jan. 31, 2022

The new Christmas movies on Netflix will start dropping in November. Time to make a mug of hot chocolate!

You can never start celebrating too early for the holidays. That’s a fact (and experts agree). Personally, I celebrate the winter season with lots and lots of baking. My list for this year includes gingerbread cookies, this peppermint cheesecake and soooooo many chocolate pretzel rings. It’s not Christmas without sweets on sweets on sweets—or Christmas movies on Netflix.

Netflix has announced plans to gift us with 14 new Christmas movies this year. Here’s everything you need to know!

The Christmas Movies I’m Watching

The Christmas flicks that I’ve got my eye on will be released in November. If you’ve been a fan of The Princess Switch series the past few years, you’ll be delighted to hear that The Princess Switch 3 is premiering in 2021! A whole lot of Vanessa Hudgens being the queen she knows she is. Currently, this romantic movie is set to release November 18.

Another movie that caught my eye was A Boy Called Christmas. It’s about a young boy named Nikolas who goes on an extraordinary adventure through the frigid north in search of his father. He’s not alone, though! He’s got his trusty reindeer Blitzen and pet mouse to keep him company on his magical journey. Think Christmas mixed with a lot of fantasy. It’s set to premiere November 24.

These are the best Christmas snacks to buy for your movie marathon.

All the New Christmas Movies on Netflix

Here’s when Netflix plans to drops its holiday titles for 2021!

  • The Claus Family, November 1
  • Love Hard, November 5
  • Father Christmas Is Back, November 7
  • Christmas Flow, November 17
  • The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, November 18
  • A Boy Called Christmas, November 24
  • A Castle for Christmas, November 26
  • Elves, November 28
  • Single All the Way, December 2
  • David and the Elves, December 6
  • A California Christmas: City Lights, December 16
  • Grumpy Christmas, December 22
  • 1,000 Miles from Christmas, December 24
  • A Naija Christmas, December 2021

It’s almost time to whip up a cup with this hot cocoa kit. November needs to be here sooner!

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to set a reminder for the Charlie Brown holiday specials, too.

Recipes for a Christmas Movie Night
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