You Can Now Get Big Mac Sauce To Go

Updated: Apr. 12, 2024

If you can dream it, you can finally Big Mac it.

There are few fast food items more iconic than the Big Mac. While the nostalgic sandwich has changed some with the recent McDonald’s burger makeover, its classic combination of burger, bun and sauce has been a favorite for generations. And now, fast food fans can enjoy that delicious special sauce on anything with a limited-time offer of dip cups. Here’s everything you need to know about the Big Mac sauce dip cups, including how to get them for yourself.

What Is the Big Mac Sauce Dip Cup?

The Big Mac sauce dip cup is a side of McDonald’s quintessential special sauce. It’s being packaged in sealed dipping sauce capsules, just like their Barbecue, Buffalo, Ranch, Honey-Mustard and Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauces. This makes it perfect for dunking your McDonald’s French fries and hash browns. And for an extra dose of nostalgia, the packaging is blue and silver to mimic the original Big Mac packaging from 1968. Learn how to make copycat McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce ready in under 10 minutes!

When Can I Get the Big Mac Sauce Dip Cup?

McDonald’s announced that the Big Mac sauce dip cup will be available at participating restaurants starting on April 27, 2023. However, there is a slight catch: you can only order it through the McDonald’s app. The dip cups will be offered as an “a la carte” menu item to add on and as a dipping sauce option with the Chicken McNuggets. There’s no word yet on how much the special sauce dip cup will cost, but it’s possible they will cost a few cents, depending on your local franchise’s rules.

So head there now! Immediately! Run! All jokes aside, the chain has not yet announced when the Big Mac sauce dip cups will be removed from the menu. Still, they are being advertised as a limited-time offer, and anyone who remembers the 2017 Szechuan sauce craze knows that time is of the essence. But don’t panic just yet—if for whatever reason, that special sauce dip cup eludes you, you can always ask for Big Mac sauce in one of these secret menu items, or whip up a copycat batch of McD’s special sauce at home.