13 Things You Need to Order from the McDonald’s Secret Menu

The best meals are all on the McDonald's secret menu.

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You didn’t hear it from us, but McDonald’s has a secret menu just like our other fast-food faves. With the help of TikTok and Hack the Menu, we found McDonald’s secret menu items that make the most of a drive-thru meal. Just bear in mind that not everything will be available at every McDonald’s location and your server may or may not know the lingo. That’s why you’ll get the best Mc-Mileage by being prepared to describe what you want.

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Mcdonalds Ice Cream Sandwich Hack
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Ice Cream Sandwich

In the mood for a treat? Make a DIY ice cream sandwich at McDonald’s by ordering two chocolate chip cookies and ice cream—like a hot fudge sundae. TikTok user @hellthyjunkfood used an Oreo McFlurry in his TikTok—and honestly, that’s a pretty good option, too. The new Oreo Fudge McFlurry may make a delicious option, too.

Once you’ve got your ingredients, lay one cookie on some aluminum foil, spoon your ice cream in the middle and then top it with the other cookie. Wrap up the whole thing tightly and put it in the freezer. Then voila, you’ve got an ice cream sandwich!

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Mcdonalds orange dreamsicle Ice Cream Hack
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Orange Dreamsicle Shake

Remember how McDonald’s finally brought back the fan-favorite Hi-C Orange? Well, Instagram user @mizzerybell shows us how to turn it into a delicious orange creamsicle shake that reminds us of Dairy Queen’s Dreamsicle Dipped Cone. Order a small orange Hi-C and a vanilla cone, then dip the ice cream into your Hi-C. Once it falls in, mix it—with confidence—and you’ll have an orange dreamsicle shake in no time.

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mcdonalds mcchicken
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McChicken Big Mac

The McChicken Big Mac, or Big McChicken, replaces the three buns in a Big Mac with McChicken patties. To get this monster of a sandwich, order a Big Mac and three McChickens. For a cheaper option, you can order a McDouble with special sauce instead of the Big Mac. Another thing which you won’t find on the menu is McDonald’s birthday cake.

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Poor Man’s Big Mac

The Poor Man’s Big Mac is a McDouble (a bargain at around $1.49 made up of two burgers and one slice of cheese) with special sauce (that’s the Big Mac Sauce), extra lettuce and no ketchup. You won’t miss the Big Mac’s third bun and hefty price of around $3.99. Enjoy your big mac with this McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce.

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Apple Pie McFlurry

This delectable fall treat includes an apple pie blended into your McFlurry. To order, ask for a McDonald’s pie and a McFlurry. It’s that easy! You can ask if they can blend it for you or mix this McFlurry yourself.

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Huge burger ready to be eaten

Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese

You might think of this one as a “Veggie Mac,” because that’s precisely what it is: a Big Mac, hold the meat. It could cost you as much as a Big Mac, depending on your location, but if you don’t eat meat, this McDonald’s secret menu item is worth the expense. (You might also want to consult this list of the best fast-food restaurants for vegetarians.)

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Chiangmai, Thailand - December 09 2017:McDonald's French Fries in a McDonald's restaurant
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Grilled Cheese

Slightly less tasty but way less expensive than the Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese is the Grilled Cheese, which is a cheeseburger, hold the burger. It will run you around $.99. You can decide whether you want them to hold the condiments as well, but leave on the pickles.

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McDonald's shake and sundae
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Who know McDonald’s even had espresso shot? The McAffogato can be enjoyed in one of two ways: as a traditional affogato or a milkshake. To try it both ways, order two shots of espresso, a small vanilla shake and a sundae with no sauce. Pour one shot of espresso into both the shake and the sundae. For the milkshake, mix in the espresso for a coffee milkshake effect.

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person filling mcdonalds soda with sprite
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Cotton Candy Soda

Tiktok user @mcdonalds_hacks101 discovered that if you put two pumps of French vanilla syrup in Sprite, it mimics the taste of cotton candy! This McDonald’s secret menu item is probably the simplest to order—and one of the most budget-friendly.

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mcdonalds hashbrown and breakfast sandwich
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Hash Brown McMuffin

Whereas other secret menu hacks involve replacing the buns of McDonald’s sandwiches, the Hash Brown McMuffin preserves the sanctity of the English muffin. Instead, you just add a hash brown to the middle of your breakfast sandwich for a crispy surprise.

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McDonalds custom burger with four beef patties, four slices of cheese and bacon.
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Monster Mac

The Monster Mac is a Big Mac made with eight (or any number, really) burgers, instead of two. It will cost you extra, of course—we’ve heard at least $2.50 per patty. This is definitely not the same Big Mac that was introduced in 1968!

Here’s what the McDonald’s menu looked like the year you were born.

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PENANG, MALAYSIA - MAY 16, 2017 : Egg McMuffin with McDonald Premium Roast Coffee is one of the meals choice at McDonald's Weekday Breakfast Specials.; Shutterstock ID 642278161
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Land, Air and Sea

This absolute mammoth of a sandwich is made with a Big Mac, McChicken and Filet-o-Fish stacked together. The Big Mac represents the land while the Filet-o-Fish is the sea. Surprisingly, the McChicken takes the spot for air, but it is a bird.

The three buns in the Big Mac serve as dividers. You assemble the Land, Air and Sea like this: bun, chicken, beef, bun, fish, beef and bun.

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Minsk, Belarus, May 18, 2017: Big Mac hamburger menu in a McDonald's restaurant

Fries with Big Mac Sauce

This is precisely what it sounds like. It shouldn’t even cost you extra because McDonald’s doesn’t charge for extra sauces! Just ask for sauce and you shall (probably) receive. There are tons of other choices as well, like Honey Mustard, Tangy BBQ and Creamy Ranch. Here’s why McDonald’s fries are so good and also try this McDonald’s French fry hack.

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