Dairy Queen Just Brought Back Its Dreamsicle Dipped Cone, and We’re Ordering ASAP

Dairy Queen is making Dream(sicles) come true.

Spring is truly the season when orange and vanilla reign supreme. Last year, we got the Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s, and this year, Dairy Queen has fulfilled our sunny soft serve dreams by bringing back the Dreamsicle Dipped Cone as part of its Spring Treat Menu.

What’s a Dreamsicle Dipped Cone?

The Dreamsicle Dipped Cone is a heavenly delight that combines Dairy Queen’s trademark vanilla soft serve with the tangy sweetness of an orange outer shell. That means every bite gives you a mouthful of crunchy orange along with the creaminess of the smoothest vanilla ice cream around. The flavor is so popular that when it first came out, stores sold Dilly Bars dunked in the sauce by request. And we thought it couldn’t get any better!

Prefer a Blizzard? Here’s what you need to know about that DQ treat.

Here’s When You Can Get One

DQ’s Spring Treat Menu dropped on March 29th at participating locations, so you won’t have to wait to get your hands on one. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to snap this up for free like a lot of people did in 2019, since Free Cone Day has been cancelled. But the good news is that DQ is selling ’em for just $2.59.

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If you want to get your hands on this ‘gram-worthy delight, you’d better hurry—this limited edition soft serve has dedicated fans that’ll be lining up around the block to get their hands on the orangey, creamy goodness. But hey, if you miss out, you can always try making your own version at home.

And if you’ve been missing out on Dairy Queen’s other delicious offerings over the last year, we’ve got you covered with our DQ copycat recipes.

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