Dairy Queen Just Decided to Postpone Free Cone Day Again—Here’s What We Know

Dairy Queen's Free Cone Day is officially canceled for 2021, but will be back in 2022.

For a couple years now, Dairy Queen has sweetened up the first day of spring with Free Cone Day, the time of year when patrons can enjoy a free ice cream cone just by showing up. Unfortunately, Dairy Queen has made a major change to Free Cone Day this year.

Last month, Dairy Queen released a statement canceling Free Cone Day for 2021. Of course, we’ll miss that free vanilla soft serve, but it’s important to help prevent the spread of coronavirus until everyone is vaccinated.

What Happened to Free Cone Day?

The first day of spring has signaled Free Cone Day for plenty of DQ fans since 2015, but this year, we’ll be indulging a little differently. Dairy Queen is taking caution to the max when it comes to keeping customers safe, and that means postponing Free Cone Day again. The food holiday closest to our hearts would’ve been on Saturday, March 20, and the cancellation includes all locations in the US, Canada and Mexico.

While it’s sad news for those of us who were craving a free cone this year, there’s a silver lining. Dairy Queen has promised to bring back the goods again in 2022.

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You Can Still Get Your Fill of DQ

Dairy Queen is taking some extra precautions while we all continue to practice social distancing, but the ice cream giant’s doors are still open. DQ is focusing on keeping their restaurants squeaky clean, enforcing handwashing policies to protect both their customers and their employees. If you’d rather stay inside, you can always get your Dairy Queen fix courtesy of delivery apps like Uber Eats and Postmates.

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