Burger King Fans Can Pick Up a Free Cheeseburger on National Cheeseburger Day—Here’s How

Updated: Sep. 18, 2023

It's the best day of the year to pick up a cheeseburger.

When there’s free food, you can count on us to be there. Like on National French Fry Day, when thousands flocked to their favorite chains in pursuit of some crispy free fries. Or back in May, during National Hamburger Day, when Burger King gave out free hamburgers. Now, another day of free fast food is here. Free cheeseburgers on September 18 for National Cheeseburger Day!

How Can I Get a Free Burger King Cheeseburger?

First, to pick up a free Burger King cheeseburger, you must be a member of Burger King’s Royal Perks rewards program. Then with any $1 purchase or more on National Cheeseburger Day, rewards members can pick up a free cheeseburger.

And if you’re not a BK Royal Perks member, it’s free and easy to become one. Just sign up for plenty of Royal Perks all year-long.

Are There Other Freebies I Can Get from Burger King?

Burger King Storefront Courtesy Burger King Courtesy Burger King

Burger King isn’t just honoring its cheeseburgers for National Cheeseburger Day. The chain has decided to ring in the celebration with an entire week of deals and freebies. Yup, the whole week long!

Free Cheeseburgers and Whoppers

On Monday, September 18, kick off the week by picking up that free cheeseburger. Then, on September 19, you can pick up a free Whopper Jr. by spending $1 or more, too. If you still can’t get enough BK, take it up a notch on September 20 with a $3 Whopper. Speaking of, these are things you probably didn’t know about Burger King’s Whopper.

Thursday, September 21 is a BOGO deal for the Whopper special.

Free Onion Rings

Burger King is also blessing us with free onion rings (which we love so much we can’t help but make these copycat Burger King onion rings at home) alongside any $1 purchase on September 23. Finally, to polish off the week of gifts, we have a September 24 finale that doubles the Royal Perks rewards points (Crowns) on every purchase that day. BRB, running to get in line immediately.

Just keep in mind, all these deals are contingent on having a Royal Perks membership. Besides that, get ready to celebrate with a week-long Burger King bonanza! All thanks to the magic of the unrivaled cheeseburger. And, if you want to indulge in a taste of BK at home, take a look at these Burger King copycat recipes.