Dairy Queen Just Added a FROZEN Hot Chocolate to the Menu for the Holidays

This Frozen Hot Chocolate features rich cocoa fudge all wrapped up with some signature DQ soft serve. Yum!

Dairy Queen was always a massive part of my childhood growing up in Illinois. Since the beloved ice cream chain started in Kankakee, IL, it makes sense, doesn’t it? We have one down the road from my childhood home, and in the summertime, my friends and I would take the walk for a few zebra cones or a bag of chocolate Dilly Bars. Not only that, we’d always stop for an Oreo Blizzard after a softball game well-played.

Now, it’s time for a tasty DQ comeback. That’s right…Frozen Hot Chocolate!

What Is a Frozen Hot Chocolate, Exactly?

This is your new-ish favorite menu item, guaranteed. The oddly, yet accurately, dubbed drink was actually introduced to the DQ menu for the first time a few years ago. Hot chocolate lovers everywhere tweeted and petitioned for the ice cream giant to release it one more time for the holidays, and like any people-pleaser, DQ acquiesced last year—and now, they’ve brought it back again for another year.

The Frozen Hot Chocolate is exactly what you think it is—with a little twist. The drink consists of a blend of rich cocoa fudge with DQ’s amazing (and totally classic) vanilla soft serve. Then, it’s garnished with some sweet whipped topping and a beautiful chocolate drizzle. Yes, please!

While we’re totally on board with the Frozen Hot Chocolate being Blizzard of the Month, this actually isn’t a Blizzard at all (so don’t expect the upside-down treatment at the drive-thru). In fact, Dairy Queen has already dubbed the Sea Salt Toffee Fudge Blizzard as Blizzard of the Month—which we’re definitely not complaining about.

When to Grab One

You can order this chocolatey treat from DQ in small, medium and large sizes right now. Be warned, though, the Frozen Hot Chocolate is only available at participating locations for a limited time, so check your local DQ—or call ahead—for details. Go to DQ.com for more information, and connect with @DairyQueen on social media with the hashtag #HappyTastesGood. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, your sweet tooth will totally thank you. DQ’s fall lineup is still on the menu, too, so don’t forget to try out November’s Blizzard of the Month while you’re at it.

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