Dairy Queen Rolled Out Their Summer Menu and It’s Ah-Maze-Ing

Dairy Queen is starting this summer on the right foot.

Dairy Queen officially released its list of summer Blizzards and treats! That includes Dairy Queen’s August Blizzard of the Month—the Oreo Fudge Brownie Blizzard.

There Are SIX Summer Blizzards!

You read that right. Dairy Queen released six Blizzard flavors for the summer season. Each one is just as mouthwatering as the last, and some are even returning hits. The menu has something to satisfy all fruit fans and chocolate lovers, so no one is left out:

  • Wonder Woman Cookie Collision: This Blizzard, filled to the brim with chocolate chip cookie dough bits, chocolate cookie dough bits and fudge chunks, is likely a promotion for Wonder Woman 1984, which should premiere in theaters this August
  • Raspberry Fudge Bliss: The classic tang of raspberry combined with chocolate chunks and fudge pieces we can’t wait to nibble on (and cool down with) this summer
  • Frosted Animal Cookie: Our favorite nostalgic childhood treat is back with a hearty scoop of vanilla soft serve and pink confetti frosting
  • S’mores: The returning campfire champion blending all the sweetness of marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers
  • Cotton Candy: An ice-creamy twist on the popular fair food with pink and blue sprinkles hidden throughout layers of that trademark soft serve
  • Oreo Cheesecake: Think crumbly Oreos matched with the velvety sweetness of cheesecake chunks, all wrapped up in a chocolatey soft-serve made to satisfy

Introducing the August Blizzard of the Month!

Lucky for your sweet tooth, they’re already available at your local Dairy Queen. You can complete your sweet haul with the Oreo Fudge Brownie Blizzard, AKA, Dairy Queen’s brand-new Blizzard of the Month! It’s just what you’ve been craving from DQ, complete with Oreo cookie chunks, brownie bites and decadent cocoa fudge blended with classic vanilla soft-serve.

Now is the perfect time to race through the drive-thru of your local Dairy Queen and get a taste of all this flavor! Keep in mind the Oreo Fudge Brownie Blizzard is a limited-time-only deal, so you’ll have to swoop in to scoop up all this goodness ASAP. We can’t wait to give it a try!

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