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22 McDonald’s Copycat Recipes So You Can Skip the Drive-Thru

Bring America's most popular fast-food restaurant home, without the drive-thru, with these copycat McDonald's recipes! From McDonald's tartar sauce recipe to cheeseburgers, French fries and so much more, you'll be able to turn fast-food into a fresh, homemade meal.

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Inspired By: McDonald's Cheeseburger

A crispy coating mix is the secret ingredient that dresses up these baked hamburgers. You bake them in the oven instead of grilling or frying. I like to use a sweet and spicy steak sauce for the best flavor. —Mike Goldman, Arden Hills, Minnesota

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Inspired By: McDonald's French FriesTaste of Home

Inspired By: McDonald's French Fries

An even tastier way to eat fries! The addition of Parmesan and garlic makes this side dish simple irresistible. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Inspired By: Shamrock ShakeTaste of Home

Inspired By: Shamrock Shake

Save a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies for this creamy milkshake that's fun for kids and adults, too. —Shauna Sever, San Francisco, California

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Inspired By: Chicken McNuggets

My 3-year-old is going through a stage where he'll eat only chicken nuggets and French fries. I like to make these golden nuggets for him so I know what he's eating. They're so good, we like them, too! —Amanda Livesay, Mobile, Alabama

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Inspired By: Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Go on a burger road trip in your own backyard. Grill the patties and load them sky-high. Peanut butter and bacon make them Southern style; coleslaw and tomatoes, a Northern version. —Susan Mahaney, New Hartford, New York

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Inspired By: Bacon, Egg & Cheese BiscuitTaste of Home

Inspired By: Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

I turned classic breakfast sandwiches into something heartier that you could even enjoy for dinner. We pile toppings like salsa and avocado—mayo and ketchup, too—on the homemade biscuits. —Fay Moreland, Wichita Falls, Texas

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Inspired By: Honey Mustard SauceTaste of Home

Inspired By: Honey Mustard Sauce

This fast, easy mustard with rice vinegar and honey has more flavor than any other honey mustard dressing I've ever tried. —Sharon Rehm, New Blaine, Arkansas

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Inspired By: Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken SandwichTaste of Home

Inspired By: Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich

You can use any type of bread or roll for this sandwich. We like the ciabatta, but have used other breads and rolls, whatever I might have handy. You can also pan fry the chicken if you can't get to a grill.—Debbie Speckmeyer, Lakewood, California

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Inspired By: McCafe Strawberry ShakeTaste of Home

Inspired By: McCafe Strawberry Shake

Cool off with a thick and rich treat that will remind you of a malt shoppe! Nothing can beat this strawberry shake recipe. —Kathryn Conrad, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Inspired By: HotcakesTaste of Home

Inspired By: Hotcakes

This is the best fluffy pancakes recipe according to my family. They are quick and easy to prepare, but we still consider these homemade pancakes a special treat. —Eugene Presley, Council, Virginia

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Inspired By: Chicken SelectsTaste of Home

Inspired By: Chicken Selects

These strips are designed for kids, but tasty enough for company. The tender strips are moist and juicy and would also be great on a salad. —Becky Oliver, Fairplay, Colorado

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Inspired By: Tangy Barbecue SauceTaste of Home

Inspired By: Tangy Barbecue Sauce

I've never cared that much for store bought barbecue sauce. I just like to make things myself from scratch including this spicy, deep red-brown sauce. You'll find it clings well when you slather it on grilled meat. —Helena Georgette Mann, Sacramento, California

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Inspired By: Cinnamon MeltsTaste of Home

Inspired By: Cinnamon Melts

A slow cooker turns day-old cinnamon rolls into a comforting, old-fashioned dessert. It tastes wonderful topped with lemon or vanilla sauce or whipped cream. —Edna Hoffman, Hebron, Indiana

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Inspired By: McRib

Perfect for a weekday dinner or cozy weekend meal, this recipe makes fall-off-the-bone tender meat with delicious flavor. —Margaret Luchsinger, Jupiter, Florida

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Inspired By: Southwest Grilled Chicken SaladTaste of Home

Inspired By: Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad

This knockout shredded pork makes a healthy, delicious and hearty salad with black beans, corn, cotija cheese and plenty of fresh greens. —Mary Shivers, Ada, Oklahoma

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Inspired By: Fruit & Maple OatmealTaste of Home

Inspired By: Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

I tasted muesli on a trip to Switzerland, and when I came home, I made it my way. Keep things interesting (and avoid midmorning munchies) by adding different fruits and nuts every day. —Maddie Kirk, Springfield, Pennsylvania

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Inspired By: Filet-O-FishTaste of Home

Inspired By: Filet-O-Fish

The seasoned breading of this hearty sandwich turns mild-flavored cod or halibut into a taste sensation, and the creamy sauce just keeps it going! —Mildred Caruso, Brighton, Tennessee

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Inspired By: Tartar SauceTaste of Home

Inspired By: Tartar Sauce

Here’s a traditional sauce worth making from scratch. It makes the meal feel very special, and guests are always impressed. You might never buy the bottled stuff ever again. —Roger Slivon, Genesee Depot, Wisconsin

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Inspired By: Sausage BurritoTaste of Home

Inspired By: Sausage Burrito

This is a great kid-friendly recipe that takes only 20 minutes to prepare and cook.—Sharon Haswell, Cheshire, Massachusetts

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Inspired By: Sweet BBQ Bacon BurgerTaste of Home

Inspired By: Sweet BBQ Bacon Burger

Every family has a burger of choice, and this is ours. It's stacked tall with bacon and crunchy onion rings. —Paula Homer, Nampa, Idaho

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Inspired By: Fruit 'N Yogurt ParfaitTaste of Home

Inspired By: Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait

The best time for this dessert is midsummer, when the blueberries are thick in our northern woods. Red raspberries can be added to the mixed berries, too, to brighten the patriotic colors.—Anne Theriault, Wellesley, Massachusetts

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Inspired By: Fish McBitesTaste of Home

Inspired By: Fish McBites

My husband and I love fried fish, but we're both trying to cut back on dietary fat. I came up with this oven-baked version. He likes it as much as deep-fried fish, so I know it's a winner. —LaDonna Reed, Ponca City, Oklahoma

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