This Is the #1 Candy That Parents Steal from Kids on Halloween

Have YOU swiped this candy?

To say “Halloween is going to be different this year” would be a vast understatement. 2020 should have had the perfect day of things that go bump in the night; Halloween is on a Saturday and there will be a full moon, so it seemed it’d be a spooky season for the ages. And then, well, COVID happened, and suddenly we’re not sure whether we’re even going to hand out candy. Unfortunately, that also means less candy for parents to sneak from their kids’ trick-or-treat bags. Yes, it’s a bummer for the adults, too!

Thankfully, DoorDash has come to our rescue with an epic promotion—and they’ve revealed the type of candy that’s most stolen by parents.

The Candy Parents Can’t Resist Is…

DoorDash’s survey of 1,000 parents found quite a few interesting Halloween tidbits, including that 84% of parents admit to stealing their kids’ Halloween candy (which means 16% of ’em were lying). What candy was most taken? This’ll likely come as no surprise, but the title of most stolen candy goes to Snickers, with 26% of parents saying that’s their Halloween treat of choice.

Coming in at second and third were Twix and M&M’s, with 16% and 15% of parents sneaking them out of trick-or-treat buckets.

Psst: This is why we pass out candy on Halloween.

Parents Care About Halloween Fun in 2020, Too

The DoorDash survey found grown-ups are sad about the changes to Halloween this year, too. In fact, 88% of parents said they’d miss at least one major form of celebrating Halloween this year. Fifty-five percent said they wished they could attend a party, and 51% wished they could take kids trick or treating (there’s less candy to snag without it, right?). More than half of them said they’ll celebrate Halloween this year by staying home and watching scary movies, decorating their spaces, dressing up or handing out candy.

For the parents who are feeling sweet-treat deprived, DoorDash and Mars Wrigley are running a promotion. Parents can get a free bag of candy by opening the DoorDash app, selecting DashMart and finding the ‘Parents Only’ bundle. Then, enter code PARENTS at checkout. Since this is only available in areas where DashMarts are located, the rest of us will have to find another way of getting our Snickers.

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