The Best Halloween Gifts for Kids (That Aren’t Candy)

Take spooky season to the next level with these amazing Halloween gifts for kids. Trust us—they're better than candy!

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The Best Halloween Gifts For Kids (that Aren’t Candy)VIA MERCHANT

There’s no denying it: Halloween is all about the goodies. But contrary to what the hoopla surrounding candy and trick-or-treating would suggest, these goodies don’t need to be edible. If you’re more interested in gifting treats that aren’t eats to the little goblins in your life, then this is the list for you.

We’ve gathered Halloween-perfect presents for boys and girls who like crafting, coloring, cuddling and just about everything else. You’ll find selections on this list that set you back only $10, as well as some long-lasting higher-ticket items. There are picks for school-aged children as well as those tricky-to-buy-for teens. Some would even be suitable for adults, at least those who are eternally kids at heart.

No matter who you’re shopping for, come October, they’ll welcome any of these spooky and scary-cute products in their mailbox or trick-or-treat bag, or under the Halloween tree.

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Halloween Diy Activity Bracelet Kit
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For the Accessorizor: Halloween Bracelet-Making Kit

Teens and youngsters alike will spend hours crafting the perfect Halloween accessory with this bracelet-making craft kit. It comes with everything they need—including stretch cord, beads and a storage case—to make five custom bracelets. Halloween gifts for kids like this are fun for a Halloween party too!

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Halloween Potion Sensory Kit
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For the Pint-Sized Chemist: Halloween Potion Sensory Kit

Your little one will love watching their very own potion fizz, foam and bubble with this Abracadabra sensory kit. It includes magical ingredients, like dragon scales and cat sparkles, plus a spell poem, potion recipe and more. Equally fun and educational, it’s one of the best Halloween gifts.

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Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton
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For the Bedhead: Matching Family Pajamas

Nope, they’re not just for Christmas! Matching Halloween family pajamas are perfect for those chilly October nights. Choose from patterns with ghosts, bats, monsters, pumpkins and dressed-up doggies. Plus, the quality of Hanna Andersson jammies ensures the getup lasts for multiple spooky seasons.

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Xo Marshmallow
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For the Teensy Artist: Halloween Crayons

Halloween gifts for kids are affordable too. If your child loves to color, you can’t go wrong with this inexpensive set of Halloween crayons. You’ll receive a set of five spooky-shaped crayons in a variety of hues—all for less than $15.

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Pumpkin Suncatcher Kit
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For the Crafty Kiddo: Pumpkin Sun Catcher Kit

Scary outdoor decorations aren’t for everyone, especially the young’uns! Instead, capture the beauty of October mornings with a fun DIY sun catcher. This Halloween craft kit has everything you need to create four pretty window-ready jack-o’-lanterns.

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Halloween Squishmallow
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For the Snuggler: Halloween Squishmallow

Your cutest cuddler will go batty over this themed Squishmallow. The beloved plushies are the perfect thing to curl up with after a long night of Halloween movie viewing. Check out the candy corn, black cat, Frankenstein’s monster and Grim Reaper options too.

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Halloween Slime Kit
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For the Slime Monster: Halloween Slime Kit

Simply put, slime is in its prime. This DIY slime kit takes the ever-popular craft into spooky territory with foam balls, glitter, clay, glue, pigment and scary-cool mix-ins, such as small bats, pumpkins, eyeballs and skulls. It’s perfect for the miniature mad scientist in your life.

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Personalized Pillowcase Style Treat Bag
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For the Trick-or-Treater: Personalized Pillowcase-Style Treat Bag

Some kids are in it just for the candy—and can we really blame them?! They’ll hit the streets in style with this trick-or-treat bag in tow. Glow-in-the-dark and personalized, the ghosty accessory is the best way to haul their Sour Vampire Bats, Sour Punch Spooky Straws and Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats.

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Beaded Sunglasses
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For the Fashionista: Beaded Sunglasses

Frankenstein who? There’s a Cutiestein on the loose, and she’s wearing these adorable shades! Doctored up with beads and tons of personality, this accessory comes in other styles and themes, as well. Find pairs with pumpkins, ghosts and black cats.

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Mummy Door Decor Kit
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For the Interior Decorator in the Making: Mummy Door Decor Kit

After the carved pumpkins are on the front stoop and the fake cobwebs are stretched over the shrubbery, have them decorate their own space with this door decor kit. Halloween gifts for kids like this decoration include all the makings for an adorable lair: gauze wrap, googly eyes, paper spiders and stars, plus more.

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Vintage Halloween Surprise Balls
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For the Whole Coven: Vintage Halloween Surprise Balls

As the popularity of Halloween countdown calendars has proven, people love a Halloween item with a surprise inside. Perfect for a small gathering of giddy witches and warlocks, these vintage crepe-paper surprise balls, available in four designs, contain a friendship bracelet, plastic ball, temporary tattoo, written joke and paper hat.

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Halloween Sticker Activity Book
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For the Imaginative Little: Halloween Sticker Activity Book

They’ll delight in creating worlds of their own within the pages of this sticker book, complete with 12 coloring pages and more than 500 stickers. The cover of this cutesy collection of ghouls, vampires, skeletons and spiders even glows in the dark for when nighttime inspiration strikes.

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Paint Your Own Halloween Cookies
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For the Budding Baker: Paint-Your-Own Halloween Cookies

A canvas you can eat? Your kiddo is sure to get behind that! This novel set of Halloween cookies satisfies their creative spirit and sweet cravings. It comes with two plain sugar cookies, two paint-palette sugar cookies and four stenciled sugar cookies, plus three mini brushes.

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Playpop Card Happy Halloween
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For the Long-Distance Youngster: Happy Halloween Pop-Up Card

Far-off little ones will delight in the spooky-cute characters tucked inside this pop-up card. This Halloween gift for kids is a great way to spruce up a bedroom, desk or other area that needs some seasonal cheer.

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Hocus Pocus The Game
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For the Witchy One: Hocus Pocus: The Game

Amok, amok, amok! The whole family will enjoy the novelty of Hocus Pocus: The Game. Designed for ages 8 and up, the goal is to thwart the Sanderson sisters and stop them from completing their wicked potion. Don’t skip these other Disney Halloween goodies either.

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