The KFC Chicken Wrap Is Finally Rolling Out Nationwide

Classic and Spicy Slaw... which will you choose?

There’s nothing as sweet as hearing your favorite fast food restaurant is trying out a new product. It’s even sweeter when you realize it’s KFC giving the spotlight to some new stuff. I mean, come on. Have you heard of the new Funnel Cake Fries? Talk about the most amazing dessert idea on the planet. They’re the perfect meal ender, especially after having a few Chicken Pot Pies. Get ’em while they’re hot!

But that’s not all our favorite chicken place has to offer. Right now, the KFC Chicken Wrap is being rolled out nationwide, and we’re flapping our wings in excitement.

What’s in KFC’s Chicken Wraps?

If you haven’t heard anything about the new chicken wraps, don’t worry. They just recently made it out of the testing phase… and we’re so happy they did! They were originally tested in Atlanta back in 2022 to high praise. Over 42,000 mentions on Twitter got the new menu item some well-deserved love, and KFC was definitely listening. That’s why they decided to give us exactly what we wanted—two new chicken wraps that are definitely going to keep us full and happy all year long.

So what’s in the new wraps? Here’s what we know:

  • Classic Chicken Wrap: Includes a delicious, Extra Crispy Chicken Tender with crunchy pickles and tasty mayo all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. Amazing? Yes, I think so.
  • Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap: Includes the same Extra Crispy Chicken Tender as above but with a stellar mix of crunchy pickles, KFC coleslaw and that must-have spicy sauce all in a warm blanket of flour tortilla. I’ll definitely be grabbing a few for myself!

We might just need to add these wraps to our favorite KFC copycat recipes.

When Can I Get Them?

Since these bad boys rolled out Feb. 6, you can grab them right now. Order in-store, online or through KFC’s mobile app. You can get two wraps for just $5—so you’d best get ordering!

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