The Crispy Chicken Taco Is Making a Comeback at Taco Bell

Updated: Jul. 17, 2023

This 2021 menu item is back in a brand-new way.

When fast-food chains discontinue beloved menu items, it can be devastating for fans. Luckily, on occasion, miracles happen! Years later, discontinued items will make a triumphant comeback.

Taco Bell has done this time and time again. It’s brought back fan favorites like the Enchirito, classic Nacho Fries and plenty of other Taco Bell icons. And, now, the chain is once again working miracles with the revival of an especially crispy item.

The item back on Taco Bell’s menu is, drumroll please: the Crispy Chicken Taco!

What Is the Crispy Chicken Taco?

For those who remember this beloved menu item, it originally debuted as the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco. It’s officially back sans sandwich.

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When fans pick up a Crispy Chicken Taco, they can expect to find an order “enveloped in a warm tortilla.” Inside that warm tortilla is crispy chicken, shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese and tomatoes. Yum! From there, customers can choose between avocado ranch or chipotle sauce. For $2.79, dependent on the location, that’s a total steal.

How Is the New Crispy Chicken Taco Different?

Detailed Taco Bell Crispy Chicken TacoCourtesy Taco Bell

Back in 2021, this item was “not quite a sandwich, not quite a taco,” according to a press release. The 2021 menu item was a “Sandwich Taco,” meaning it was served on “a warm soft flatbread shaped in an iconic taco form.” Now, in 2023, that flatbread has been swapped out to go full taco mode with the warm tortilla.

When Can I Order a Crispy Chicken Taco?

Two Taco Bell Crispy Chicken TacosCourtesy Taco Bell

Right now! But get to Taco Bell fast, because it’s only around for a limited time. And while there’s no official end date to the comeback, you won’t want to miss out on this deal while it lasts. If you can’t get enough of crispy chicken, DIY this menu item at home with our recipe for a crispy chicken sandwich.