Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa is Back on the Menu

Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chalupa is back by popular demand—and now there's a spicy version, too!

Taco Bell lovers–let’s taco ’bout the menu! The restaurant chain announced that its Naked Chicken Chalupa will be back, along with the all-new Wilder Naked Chicken Chalupa. People went crazy over the original version back in 2017 so it’s no surprise to see it again. Psst! Learn why Taco Bell was named one of the healthiest fast food chains.

Not familiar with the item? The Naked Chicken Chalupas don’t have a soft or crunchy taco shell, but instead, wrap taco fixin’s in a “shell” of crispy fried chicken. The difference between the original Naked Chicken Chalupa and the Wilder Naked Chicken Chalupa is, essentially, the heat level. Both chalupas come with the same crispy chicken shell and are filled with lettuce, cheddar cheese and tomato. But the Naked Chicken Chalupa has a cool avocado ranch dressing, while the Wilder Naked Chicken Chalupa comes with a “bold, smoky Wild sauce,” according to the company’s press release.

(But let’s be honest–most of us are going to slather any Taco Bell product in delicious sauce packets, anyway!)

But, How Do They Really Taste?

I tested both of the chalupas at a Taco Bell in Manhattan, and they taste akin to a giant chicken nugget with few veggies wrapped inside. The avocado ranch from the original chalupa didn’t register much, though the Wild sauce had a surprising amount of kick. It’s worth noting that the “Wilder” version was also oozing with regular (i.e. non-avocado) ranch, too.

I couldn’t finish the chalupas–it was way too much chicken without other flavors to balance things out—but if you’re a chicken nugget devotee, this might be the perfect meal for you.

How Long Will This Last?

All good things must come to an end (even Taco Bell’s super-popular Nacho Fries), so the Naked Chicken Chalupas will only be on the Taco Bell menu until mid-July. So if you’re intrigued by the chicken shells and sauce offerings, you’ll want to get to Taco Bell within the next two months.

With its crazy ideas like a French toast taco for breakfast, Taco Bell always keeps us guessing about what it will roll out next!

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