You Can Get the KFC Chicken Pot Pie for Only $5 Right Now

A KFC staple for over 30 years... you know it's gotta be good!

Out in the Midwest, you get a little bit of everything when it comes to seasonal weather. January always brings some of the sharpest wind and the heaviest snow, so it’s important to keep hot meals on the table to stave off the bitter cold. Besides some classic chicken noodle soup, I’d say one of my favorite dishes has always been my mom’s chicken pot pie—warm, comforting and full of nostalgia for easier times.

But when you don’t have time to cook, we’ve got the solution. The KFC Chicken Pot Pie is just $5 right now, and we think it’s a deal too hot to miss.

What’s in KFC’s Chicken Pot Pie?

This quick fast food pick-up is perfect for the chilly weather. These absolutely adorable little pies are filled with KFC’s finest diced potatoes, peas, carrots and famous fried chicken all baked in a supremely flaky crust. Everything about this classic menu item screams delicious. Makes sense, too. This Chicken Pot Pie has been a staple menu item for going on 30 years. That’s quite the feat! Plus, picking up an instant weekday dinner for $5 sounds pretty good.

There’s a reason we love KFC so much. Its recipes are to die for, so much so that we’ve got a blanket list of copycat KFC recipes to tide us over on the days we can’t make it out to our local restaurant. Between KFC’s mac and cheese, hot wings and biscuits, it can be hard to eat anything else. Don’t forget those sweet, sweet Funnel Cake Fries for dessert!

How Long Is the $5 Chicken Pot Pie Offer Available?

You can grab this steamin’ hot deal right now for a limited time. According to Nick Chavez, CMO of KFC U.S., “Our iconic and beloved chicken Pot Pie at just $5 is an open invitation to sit back and ease into the new year with a satisfying meal at an unbeatable price–just for you.”

Order in-store, online or on KFC’s mobile app right now. You won’t want to miss this cluckin’ good deal. And make sure to order the latest KFC rollout—a KFC chicken wrap—next.

Chicken Potpie Recipes You'll Love
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