How to Make a Spritz Cocktail

Say hello to your new favorite cocktail.

We’re big fans of wine—particularly during the summer. It’s hard to say no to a well-chilled pitcher of sangria, a white wine cocktail or even a simple pour. (If you’re hosting a party, this is our must-buy boxed wine brand.)

But as fun as wine is, it can get a little boring. Especially if you’re pouring the same Rosé all season long. Switch things up (and take your happy hour to the next level) with a spritz cocktail. Here’s how to make one.

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What is a Spritz?

Originating in Northern Italy, a spritz is a highly customizable cocktail. It’s typically made with Prosecco, a splash of liqueur or fruit juice and sparkling water or soda.

Spritz flavor combinations are seemingly endless, but the most popular variations are fruity or earthy, featuring liqueurs like Campari or Aperol.

These drinks are best enjoyed poolside.

How to Make a Spritz


Step 1: Pour the Wine

Start by filling a glass with ice. Then pour in the wine.

Step 2: Mix In

Add your preferred liqueur.

Editor’s Tip: For a lower alcohol-by-volume, substitute fruit juice.

Step 3: Top It Off

Finish the drink with a splash of sparkling water or soda. Garnish, if desired, with fruit slices, citrus peels or sprigs of fresh herbs.

Mionetto wine spritzerPhoto Courtesy of Mionetto

Our Favorite Flavor Combinations

The recipe above is extremely basic, so if you’d like a little more guidance, consider one of these tried-and-true spritz flavors.

  • Basic Wine Spritz: Moscato + lemon lime soda + lime wedge
  • Swedish Rose Spritz: Rosé + elderflower liqueur + lemon seltzer water
  • Mionetto Sunshine Spritz: Prosecco + orange juice + Campari + orange slice
  • Aperol Spritz: Prosecco + Aperol + club soda
  • Mionetto Rosa Amara Spritz: Sparkling Rosé + Campari + sparkling water + grapefruit peel

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