15 Super-Refreshing Spritzer Recipe Ideas

Whether you love drinks that are aromatic, tart, fruity or sweet, there's a perfect spritzer recipe for everyone. Grab a friend, make a spritz and enjoy the day!

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Pomegranate Ginger Spritzer

Conveniently, a pitcher of this non-alcoholic beverage can be made hours before holiday guests arrive. Add the club soda just before serving. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This stunning spritzer is packed with ginger and citrus flavors, plus it’s the most beautiful shade of red. Thanks to the pomegranate, the beverage is loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants, too. [/rms_recipe]

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Cold Brew Peach Black Tea Spritzer
Courtesy Sher Castellano

Cold Brew Peach Black Tea Spritzer

I created this non-alcoholic spritzer that uses a cold brew tea as the base with a bit of honey to sweeten things up naturally. It’s the perfect warm weather drink to sip on all day long. I love this sparkling peach drink, too.

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Watermelon Spritzer

It couldn’t get much easier than this bright spritzer! “Watermelon blended with limeade is cool and refreshing. It’s a wonderful thirst-quencher on a hot summer day.” —Geraldine Saucier, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I love the idea of watermelon blended with limeade—it’s a cool, refreshing and bright combo. It comes together by simply blending, straining and then chilling until it’s ready to be served.


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Courtesy Snixy Kitchen

Blackberry Hibiscus Spritzer with Tarragon

This blackberry hibiscus spritzer recipe from Snixy Kitchen is loaded with fresh aromatics and vibrant, sparkling hues. Have extra tarragon? I think this is a great way to use it.

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Rainbow Spritzer

Layers of colorful fruit submerged in a fizzy, sweet beverage make this a kid-friendly sipper that gets two thumbs-up. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

The Taste of Home Test Kitchen created this non-alcoholic rainbow spritzer with layers of fruit, including strawberry, pineapple, kiwi and blueberries. The fizz comes from a splash of ginger ale!


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Rosé Spritzer
Courtesy Vegetarian 'Ventures

Rosé Spritzer

Vegetarian Ventures created this classic spritz for relaxing all day by the pool. This rosé spritzer recipe uses a few different spirits, some bubbles and fruit notes for lots of layered flavor. Pair a glass with one of these simple homemade snacks.

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Strawberry Spritzer

Three simple ingredients are all you need to create this fresh and fruity summer beverage. It's bound to become a warm-weather favorite.—Krista E Collins, Concord, North Carolina

You’ll need three simple ingredients and a blender to make this fruity, bubbly beverage that the whole family can sip. The strawberries, lemon-lime soda and frozen pink lemonade concentrate make this spritzer recipe sing!


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Jalapeno-Honey Pineapple Spritzer
Courtesy Brewing Happiness

Jalapeno-Honey Pineapple Spritzer

To awaken the senses, make this beautiful spritzer by Brewing Happiness. It’s just a little bit spicy and a little bit sweet. And it’s made with apple cider vinegar for an all-around flavor explosion.

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Sparkling Rhubarb Spritzer

Folks with a rhubarb plant or two will love this recipe. It's a nice change from the usual lemonade—we enjoy it all summer long. —Sue Rebers, Campbellsport, Wisconsin
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Red Wine Spritzer with Lime
Courtesy Brooklyn Supper

Red Wine Spritzer with Lime

This spritzer by Brooklyn Supper borders on sangria, but in our opinion, feels fresher and lighter. It has several dashes of bitters to elevate it over a classic red wine spritzer, plus a tart lime garnish.

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Limoncello Spritzer

A perfect hint of lemon highlights in this popular, refreshing cooler.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

If you have limoncello at home, then make this cute limoncello spritzer. It’s a light and bubbly version of the classic Italian liqueur. It would make an awesome pre-meal aperitif!


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The Lillet Spritz
Courtesy The Pig & Quill

The Lillet Spritz

Light, refreshing and effortless, The Lillet Spritz by The Pig & Quill is the perfect not-too-boozy classic cocktail for outdoor entertaining or Sunday brunch.

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Orange Juice Spritzer

Here’s a zippy twist on regular orange juice. It is not too sweet and is refreshing with any breakfast or brunch entree. —Michelle Krzmarzick, Torrance, California

This refreshing spritzer is a great way to start the day. It’s a simple but refreshing upgrade to an ordinary glass of OJ. And if you want to make it boozy for brunch—feel free to add an ounce of vodka to each glass. Enjoy with one of these breakfast casserole recipes.


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Raspberry-Lemon Spritzer

Go beyond lemonade with a pretty pink thirst quencher that's tangy and not too sweet. I finish each glass with a lemon slice. —Margie Williams, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Here’s another spritzer recipe that the whole family can enjoy. It’s a little bit tart and a little bit sweet, so this fizzing beverage is just what you need on a sunny day. (Try this raspberry iced tea for another fruity option.)


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Cranberry-Grape Spritzer

This spritzer recipe has a unique combination of flavors that feels nostalgic in all the right ways. The cranberry-and-grape flavor combo is topped with lots of fizz, so it’s perfect for the holidays.

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