We Tried the All-Edge Brownie Pan That Went Viral on TikTok

Updated: Jun. 01, 2023

With this all-edge brownie pan, you'll never have to fight over brownie corners again!

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If you’re a fan of slightly crunchier and definitely chewier brownie corners, this all-edge brownie pan is going to change the way you make dessert. It’s currently one of the most popular kitchen gadgets on Amazon thanks to how easy it is to use, and TikTok chefs are making it even more popular thanks to viral videos showing just how perfect it makes every single brownie piece. Obviously, we had to try it ourselves—and we’re happy to confirm it’s one of our favorite tools for baking brownies and bars.

What is the All-Edge Brownie Pan?

The Baker’s Edge brownie pan is a labyrinth-shaped all-edge pan that makes every piece an edge piece. This five-star Amazon tool is made of heavy-gauge non-stick cast aluminum that stands up to high heat and is easy to clean without caked-on messes. It fits just about as much brownie recipe batter as your typical 13- by 9-inch pan might, but instead of a rectangular shape this all-edge brownie pan creates a looping zig-zag pattern with multiple walls that create the additional edges. Genius!

The single continuous chamber allows brownie batter to spread evenly without any special adjustments or extra gear. It even comes with a nylon spatula and plenty of recipes to get you started on the very-delicious path to never-ending brownie edges. It’s easily our favorite kitchen tool since we found out about the viral Amazon butter spreader.

How We Tested It

We tested the bestselling all-edge brownie pan several times just to be really sure that we could accurately report on the results, and we’re proud to say we plan to continue “testing” the device until the end of time. And by “testing” we mean looking for any excuse to make brownies.

The first test was with a box of inexpensive brownie mix that we bought from the supermarket. We didn’t dress up the recipe or add anything extra special—just the typical eggs, oil, water and a packet of dry mix. The amount of batter the single package provided fit PERFECTLY in the all-edge pan, which made us love the thoughtful design even more. It’s truly simple enough for even the most novice bakers to use.

Next, we used Grandma’s recipe that produces a larger batch and found that we had enough to bake two separate sets of snake-like brownies. We also swirled in some wet walnuts during the last five minutes of baking Grandma’s batch, and wow. Chef’s kiss-level wow.

To remove the brownies from the pan, we simply turned the pan onto a plate and gently knocked on the bottom until the brownies plopped out in a Tetris-like pattern. Each piece comes out roughly two inches or so wide, and they ALL have two chewy sides.

This was a much different experience compared to the chaos that ensues when you rely on a regular brownie pan and have to fight over edge pieces with loved ones. We can confirm that there’s simply no reason brownies have to divide loving families anymore because everyone can get an edge piece now.

The best part? The non-stick surface makes it easy for even slightly overcooked brownies to pop out of the pan without a mess, and it can be washed easily with soapy water and a sponge.

All-Edge Brownie Pan Product Features

All Edge Brownie PanBryce Gruber For Taste Of Home

We loved the chewy edges the all-edge brownie pan produced no matter what type of recipe we tried with it. It perfectly fits a single box of brownie mix and is made in the United States so you can feel good about buying and supporting local businesses.


What we liked about the All-Edge Brownie Pan

  • Adds two chewy edges to every piece of brownie
  • A single continuous chamber allows batter to spread evenly
  • Constructed from heavy-gauge cast aluminum with non-stick coating
  • Made in the USA
  • Each order includes a nylon spatula and extra recipes
  • Over 3,500 positive Amazon reviews and a nearly-perfect 4.8-star rating


What to consider about the All-Edge Brownie Pan

  • If you’re more of a center brownie person, this isn’t your pan
  • Significantly heavier than typical pans, so prepare yourself to lift something more similar in weight to cast iron rather than aluminum


Can an All-Edge Brownie Pan Be Used for Other Baked Items?

Yes! Amazon reviewers note using this pan for chocolate chip blondies, cookie bars, breakfast bars and other types of chewy baked goods that simply taste better with more edges. Several people even note that the pan perfectly fits lasagna noodles and makes the best-ever individual pieces of Italian-style baked pasta dishes.

Does the All-Edge Brownie Pan Need to Be Oiled?

In our experience, the pan works best with a light spritz of non-stick cooking spray.

Is the All-Edge Brownie Pan Dishwasher-Safe?

The brand suggests brownie enthusiasts keep this pan out of the dishwasher as it may ruin the non-stick coating, but several reviewers note running it through their dishwasher on the top rack with success if they use a low-heat or light-wash setting.

The Best Amazon Reviews

“As I sit here eating yet another corner piece, I wonder to myself, why did I buy this pan?” writes verified Amazon purchaser, Bailey’s Mom. “Before, I made brownies from scratch because I don’t do the box mix thing, and my kids and husband ate them all. I would just trim off the edges here and there, eat the occasional corner piece, and enjoy the chewy goodness. But now, after trying out this pan, here I sit eating like half the brownies I made. Smooth move. This is the same recipe I always make in a 9 by 13 pan, and it fits perfectly.”

Robert E, another verified purchaser loves how the all-edge pan has enhanced his baking game. “This is a great American-made product. I’ve been making brownies for the past 45 years and this is the best brownie pan I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. Highly recommended for the serious baker.”

Final Verdict

If you fancy yourself a major fan of brownies and other chewy baked goods, owning the Baker’s Edge brownie pan is non-negotiable. You need it, and so does your brownie edge-loving family. It brought a new measure of peace to this home, too, because typically we fight over the corners that are just so perfectly chewy they’re begging to be dunked in a bit of hot coffee. In the off-chance you’re not a brownie fanatic (we can’t make sense of that, but won’t judge), the pan also makes one of the best gifts for bakers.

Where to Buy the All-Edge Brownie Pan

All Edge Brownie Pan via merchant

If you want your own all-edge brownie pan, head to Amazon quickly. Each time they go viral on TikTok they sell out and eager brownie-eaters have to wait for the pan to re-stock.

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