We Tried TikTok’s Viral Dr Pepper Brownies

Does adding Dr Pepper to your brownie recipe result in a superior batch? There's only one way to find out.

Dr Pepper in brownies? Yes, apparently! Word has it that adding just one-quarter of a cup of Dr Pepper to any brownie recipe makes them, simply put, super duper delicious. We were intrigued, if not a little skeptical, to find out if that was true, and if so, how. Like, what brand of “super duper delicious” are we talking about, here? So we set out to discover just that.

How to Make Dr Pepper Brownies

Tiktok Viral Dr Pepper Brownies ingredientsMackenzie Schieck for Taste of Home

Use your favorite boxed or from-scratch brownie recipe, follow the directions as-is, and then stir 1/4 cup of Dr Pepper into the batter. That’s it!

And pro tip: line your pan with parchment paper with a couple of inches hanging outside the rim so you can use it as handles to lift the baked brownies out before slicing.

adding dr pepper to browning ingredients for Tiktok Viral Dr Pepper BrowniesMackenzie Schieck for Taste of Home

Here’s What I Thought

I genuinely didn’t know what to expect with these brownies. I mean, how could 1/4 cup of Dr Pepper possibly alter the taste in a noticeable way?

Well, after a few bites, I changed my tune. These brownies are the chewiest and just perfectly moist. Simply put, they’re the most delicious brownies I’ve ever made.

Tiktok Viral Dr Pepper BrowniesMackenzie Schieck for Taste of Home

The Dr Pepper seemed to make the brownies extra moist (and very difficult to overbake, which is a big perk), as well as add some richness that made them irresistible. I could not stop eating them, and I even employed a couple of other taste testers who agreed there was a little something special about these brownies. So, could it have been a coincidence that this just happened to be the best batch of brownies I’ve ever made? I suppose. Would I be willing to chance it on my next batch and skip the Dr Pepper? Absolutely not. I’m officially team Dr Pepper.

Mackenzie Schieck
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