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Looking for chicken stew recipes? Find chicken stew recipes including crock pot chicken stew, easy chicken stew recipes, and more chicken stew recipes.

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Chicken Biscuit Skillet

17 reviews

My mother always made this while we were growing up. Now I make it for my own husband and kids. I use the small biscuits since their tops brown so nicely. I also sometimes add mushrooms to this recipe because my family loves them. —Keri Boffeli, Monticello, Iowa

24 Hearty Chicken Stew Recipes That Mom Used To Make

When you're craving a hot, comforting meal, look no further than these hearty chicken stew recipes. They're the perfect pick-me-up...

Coconut Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew

2 reviews

This stew tastes as if you spent hours in the kitchen. The flavors of coconut milk, sweet potato and coriander...

Pressure Cooker Chicken with Raisins and Capers

Capers, golden raisins and fresh basil give this dish a sweetly savory flavor. And what's even better than that? The...

Pressure-Cooker Cajun-Style Beans and Sausage

3 reviews

Beans and rice make the perfect meal because they're well-balanced, an excellent source of protein, and easy to prepare. Sausage...

Pressure-Cooker Indian-Style Chicken and Vegetables

3 reviews

This easy Indian-influenced dish is one just about everyone will love. Feel free to add more or less tikka masala...

Pressure-Cooker Country Captain Chicken

2 reviews

Whether it was brought by a British sailor or not, the recipe for Country Captain Chicken has been around Georgia...

One-Pot Salsa Chicken

1 review

This skillet recipe is a colorful and healthy main dish that can be on the table in just over an...

Ginger Chicken and Quinoa Stew

1 review

This Asian-inspired one-pot chicken dinner is healthy and tasty. You can serve it hot, cold or at room temperature. &mash;...

Easy Slow-Cooker Chicken Ropa Vieja

4 reviews

When discussing various methods of cooking ropas, a friend of mine told me her sister adds apple juice. I thought...

General Tso’s Stew

13 reviews

I love Asian food and wanted a chili-like soup with the distinctive flavors of General Tso’s chicken. The slow cooker...

Slow Cooker Cassoulet with Crumb Topping

Classically inspired, this dish is loaded with chicken thighs, pork and smoked sausage. Tomatoes, beans and wine round out the...

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Slow-Cooker Chicken & Dumplings

13 reviews

Here's a homey dish that people just can't wait to dive in to! Yes, you can have slow-cooker chicken and...

Curry Chicken Stew

8 reviews

My Grandma Inky grew up in India and passed down this recipe to my mother, who then passed it down...

Hearty Jambalaya

14 reviews

Mel Miller of Perkins, Oklahoma shares this meaty and satisfying jambalaya.

Chicken Cacciatore with Polenta

1 review

The microwave makes quick work of homemade polenta, and the rest is done in one skillet. Save a little Parmesan...

Saucy Indian-Style Chicken & Vegetables

1 review

This Indian-style dish seems to develop a devoted following. Prepared sauce makes
it easy to bring the rich flavors...

Savory Braised Chicken with Vegetables

6 reviews

My braised chicken is a recipe my mom used to make when I was small. It tastes much more complicated...

South Carolina Chicken & Rice

1 review

Chicken Bog is the traditional name for this South Carolina low country dish. We always make a big batch the...

Casablanca Chutney Chicken

3 reviews

If you enjoy Indian food, you'll love this dish. An array of spices and dried fruit slow cook with boneless...

Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Stew

15 reviews

Shh! Don’t tell anyone! This recipe is so simple, but you’d never know it. My husband, who normally doesn’t like...

Quicker Chicken and Dumplings

18 reviews

Ready in 30 minutes, this easy chicken and dumplings recipe takes advantage of convenience items and uses time-saving, drop-style dumplings....

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Chicken Fricassee With Dumplings

1 review

If your family is craving old-fashioned comfort food, give this recipe a try. With plenty of chicken, veggies and dumplings...

Best Chicken ‘n’ Biscuits

15 reviews

Quick and comforting, this delicious chicken and biscuits recipe is filled with chunky chicken, colorful veggies and spoonfuls of creamy...

Pressure-Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala

3 reviews

The flavors of this Indian-style entree keep me coming back for more. The dish isn’t
fancy, and it’s simply...

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Spicy Chicken Stew

7 reviews

When you're craving cozy Mexican flavors, try this spicy chicken and chickpea stew. It couldn't be easier to make—just round...

Chicken Stew with Gnocchi

15 reviews

My chicken stew makes the house smell wonderful as it gently bubbles in the slow cooker. One whiff and my...

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Slow-Cooked Southwest Chicken

43 reviews

This dish needs just 15 minutes of prep, so you'll be out of the kitchen in no time. The delicious...

Chicken Tikka Masala

16 reviews

This Indian-style chicken tikka masala recipe has flavors that keep me coming back for more—a simple dish spiced with garam...

Skillet Chicken Stew

34 reviews

It's been 20 years now since I adapted this from a recipe for beef stew. We like it so much...

Moroccan Vegetable Chicken Tagine

1 review

Take a trip to Morocco with this rich, exotic dish. A tagine is a North African slow-cooked stew named after...