Bread Pudding Recipes

Looking for recipes for bread pudding? Taste of Home has the best bread pudding recipes from real cooks like you, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and tips.

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    McMillan Bread Pudding

    Everything you need for this recipe is probably already in your kitchen. It's loved by many. —Lisa Mcmillan, Brewton, Alabama

    Challah Bread Pudding

    I created this challah bread pudding recipe after my mother-in-law told me that she liked bread pudding. I was on...

    Strawberry Panzanella Salad

    Always a crowd-pleaser, this strawberry panzanella salad never disappoints. This version is sweet and offers the opportunity to use seasonal...

    Air-Fryer Bread Pudding

    This air-fryer bread pudding is a fun dish because the chocolate makes it different from traditional recipes. It's a rich,...

    Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding

    I didn't start off as a big fan of bread puddings, but one time I found myself with a large...

    Chocolate Croissant Pudding

    2 reviews

    This new twist on traditional bread pudding is a decadent and delicious family favorite! —Sonya Labbe, West Hollywood, California

    Bread Pudding with Sauce

    This warm pudding is a traditional winter favorite, and for a good reason. The rich, cinnamony flavor is perfect for...

    Cherry Upside-Down Bread Pudding

    2 reviews

    I've always loved bread pudding, and I enjoy fixing this for my family on a chilly day. You could use...

    Chai-Spiced Bread Pudding

    1 review

    Nothing says the holidays to me more than the warming spices of chai. This bread pudding incorporates those flavors to...

    Coconut Mango Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

    1 review

    All of the fun flavors of Puerto Rico come together in a dessert that's both exotic and familiar. Topped with...

    Fruit and Nut Bread Pudding

    4 reviews

    This recipe started out as a plain bread pudding. My husband, Tom, suggested adding some pecans, then I decided to...

    Rhubarb Coconut Bread Pudding

    Rhubarb is a wonderful summer fruit which adds a lot of flavor to whatever you put it in. This pudding...

    Raisin Date Bread Pudding

    2 reviews

    All my leftover bread ends (raisin bread is a favorite in this house) and buns go in the freezer. Then,...

    Bread Pudding with Lemon Sauce

    1 review

    This bread pudding is a little lighter than most and is enhanced by a lovely lemon sauce. I've also served...

    Tropical Bread Pudding

    1 review

    "This fruity twist on an old-fashioned favorite is plain delicious," confirms Katie Sloan of Charlotte, North Carolina. "Who says you...

    White Chocolate Bread Pudding

    1 review

    This delectable dessert features vanilla chips, apples and a sweet caramel sauce. It's a favorite with our boys.

    Chocolate Malted Bread Pudding

    1 review

    Some leftover bread, an open can of chocolate syrup and a package of malted milk balls inspired this yummy recipe....

    Raisin-Apple Bread Pudding

    1 review

    "The original recipe for this dessert came from a farming magazine," writes Cora Uden of Juniata, Nebraska. "I changed several...

    Quick Cranberry Bread Pudding

    Extra French bread and dried cranberries find a new use in this moist and comforting medley from Irene Erickson. “I...

    Cinnamon-Toffee Croissant Bread Pudding

    1 review

    Ever since I first tasted this rich dish full of goodness, I’ve been a bread pudding buff. It’s the ultimate...

    Makeover Chocolate Croissant Pudding

    4 reviews

    “My father is French, and I have a lot of family recipes that involve croissants. Any way to make this...

    Cinnamon-Toast Blueberry Bakes

    9 reviews

    What a treat! These little toast cups dotted with blueberries are so yummy served warm from the oven. —Claire L....

    Slow-Cooked Bread Pudding

    16 reviews

    This warm and hearty dessert is perfect on any cold, blustery winter evening. And the slow cooker fills your kitchen...

    Butterscotch-Pecan Bread Pudding

    14 reviews

    Bread pudding fans just might hoard this yummy butterscotch version. Toppings like whipped cream and a butterscotch drizzle make this...

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    Chocolate Bread Pudding with Coconut

    5 reviews

    Nothing was wasted on the farm where I grew up in southwest Nebraska—this pudding was made from stale bread. My...

    Southern Bread Pudding

    2 reviews

    I used to teach in a cooking school, and this was one of the most popular recipes. We often made...

    Black Forest Panettone Pudding

    My chocolate-cherry bread pudding uses Panettone, the holiday bread people often receive but aren't sure how to use. I make...

    Custard Bread Pudding

    3 reviews

    Served warm and drizzled with sauce, this dessert has down-home appeal, says Barbara Little of Bedford, Indiana. "It's a soft...

    Steamed Bread Pudding

    1 review

    Whenever I visited my grandma, this was the special dessert she fixed for me.

    Cajun Bread Pudding

    2 reviews

    This is my husband's favorite dessert, and it's a perfect dish for a crowd, too.