Calzone And Stromboli Recipes

Make a hearty supper around these calzone and Stromboli recipes—just bake, slice and share.

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    Reuben Stromboli

    3 reviews

    I love this quick-to-fix, layered Reuben stromboli. I used another sandwich recipe as a guide but made it with Reuben fixings. Switch things up by using sliced turkey and coleslaw instead of corned beef and sauerkraut. —Joan Hallford, North Richland Hills, Texas

    Muffuletta Wellingtons

    This recipe is inspired by the muffuletta, a sandwich originating in New Orleans made with deli meat and olive salad....

    Air-Fryer Taco Twists

    Why serve tacos only in ordinary flour or corn tortillas? For a mouthwatering change of pace, try these air-fried tacos...

    Mushroom and Smoked Gouda Puff

    2 reviews

    It's so very easy, but it looks and tastes gourmet. Dinner party guests will be impressed with this perfect starter...

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    Chicken Cordon Bleu Stromboli

    16 reviews

    If chicken cordon bleu and stromboli had a baby, this would be it. Serve with jarred Alfredo sauce, homemade Alfredo...

    Air-Fryer Reuben Calzones

    I love a Reuben sandwich, so I tried the same classic filling in a pizza pocket instead of on rye...

    Spiral Stromboli

    15 reviews

    "I frequently fix this speedy sandwich on days we return from our cabin and it's suppertime when we get home,"...

    Sausage Pepper Calzones

    1 review

    These tasty Italian sandwiches from Marion Lowery of Medford, Oregon are chock-full of savory turkey sausage, sweet peppers and herbs,...

    Pepper Artichoke Stromboli

    3 reviews

    "This is a snap to make, thanks to store-bought pizza dough...and the kids love it," writes Andrea Jones of McKinney,...

    Pizza Bread (Pizza Sandwiches)

    When I was growing up, my parents worked. So I learned basic cooking skills in Boy Scouts to prepare meals...

    Italian Hero Braid

    3 reviews

    My mother-in-law used to make these pastry pockets for my husband while he was growing up. After we got married,...

    Veggie Calzones

    7 reviews

    Bread dough makes it a breeze to assemble these savory turnovers. If you have a favorite pizza dough, use it...

    Hot Antipasto Sandwiches

    5 reviews

    I usually make this popular dish as an appetizer for holiday get-togethers. But I also like to serve it with...

    Mozzarella Ham Stromboli

    16 reviews

    "The original recipe for this savory bread called for salami, but I use ham instead," writes Janice Brightwell of Jeffersonville,...

    Sauerkraut Beef Buns

    6 reviews

    Our three boys always seemed to be hungry when they were growing up. These golden filled buns were sure to...

    Pinwheels with Vegetable Cream Sauce

    Hardly a day goes by that I don't have a lot of extra mouths to feed at our dinner table....

    Cheeseburger Stuffed Bread Loaf

    I received this recipe more than 25 years ago in a chain letter. This stuffed bread travels well to picnics,...

    Herbed Pasties

    My husband likes to eat whatever I cook, but he really looks forward to these herbed meat pies. We eat...

    Holly Sandwich Wreath

    2 reviews

    Guests who have sweet expectations are in for a savory surprise when they sample warm slices of this golden wreath....

    Sourdough Ham Crescent Rolls

    1 review

    These eye-appealing crescent rolls are loaded with ham and hard-cooked eggs. They're a terrific main course for a ladies' luncheon.

    Sausage Broccoli Bread

    2 reviews

    "My husband is in the Air Force, so we move often," relates Kelly Praska of Bellevue, Nebraska. "This lifestyle lets...

    Broccoli Ham Turnovers

    1 review

    "I enjoy creating special dishes for my family and friends," writes Lupie Molinar from Tucson, Arizona. "Although I don't make...

    Quarterback Calzones

    Select your favorite ingredients to fill these easy-to-assemble pizza pockets formed with frozen dinner rolls.

    Grilled Pizza Sandwiches

    "I've been fixing this jazzed-up grilled cheese sandwich for years," notes Janice Mitchell of Aurora, Colorado. "Kids of all ages...

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    Sausage, Pepper & Mozzarella Calzones

    —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Greendale, Wisconsin

    Chicken Apricot Bundles

    2 reviews

    My husband likes these unique sandwiches for a lunch that really warms him up. —Brenda Lawson, Jefferson City, Missouri

    Cheesy Sausage Stromboli

    10 reviews

    I've had a hundred requests for this recipe over the years. Perfect for brunch or as an evening snack, this...

    Italian Stromboli

    5 reviews

    My mother gave me this recipe to try and everyone loves it. It is so simple and quick to make.—Beth...

    Pepperoni Roll-Ups

    17 reviews

    Here is a fast appetizer recipe that goes over well at my house. Each bite has gooey melted cheese and...

    Three-Meat Stromboli

    7 reviews

    I made this hearty bread for a golf outing my husband attended and received many compliments. Several men asked for...