This Quilted Focaccia Bun Is the Most Beautiful Bread We’ve Ever Seen

It's such a good time to step into your kitchen.

Let’s face it: Things are pretty darn crazy lately. The idea of social distancing starts to sound complicated, lonely and even a bit scary. But do you know what’s always there for you, even in trying times? Your kitchen, that’s what!

Instagrammer @VineyardBaker reached that same conclusion, and it looks like she’s opted to try some unusual recipes.We first fell in love with her gorgeous focaccia breads. Now, we’re obsessed with her latest #breadart, this absolutely stunning quilted bread.

What in the World Is This?

@VineyardBaker’s latest batch of buns has a beautiful lattice pattern, exactly like a quilt. She describes them as “warm snuggles for ya burgers,” and that makes us feel warm and fuzzy, too.

Just look at them—and try not to drool on your phone or computer!

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How Can I Make It?

If you’re currently stuck in self-isolation, this baking experiment would be a great way to pass some time. @VineyardBaker used focaccia bread as a base. She didn’t use a waffle iron, though—she achieved that jaw-dropping pattern through, as she put it, “a lattice cutter and a layering method.” The pattern on the inside of the lattice is made from a few different types of olives, as well as peppers, but we’re betting you could get crafty if you didn’t have those exact ingredients on hand.

Bready to get to work? We think this recipe for focaccia bread would be a good start. Not a fan of focaccia? Then try this basic homemade bread—just shape it into rolls rather than a loaf. If this whole lattice thing sounds too complicated, you can always try these no-knead bread recipes first.

@VineyardBaker’s hashtag #bakeeveryday seems like a good, timely motto, and her optimism reminds us that we’re all in this together!

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