How to Make a Fun French Fry Charcuterie Board

Curly or crinkle, waffle or wedge—a french fry charcuterie board can contain any and all of your favorite fries. Don't forget the dipping sauces!

With modern charcuterie boards going well beyond cured meats and cheeses, you can put any food on a board if you’re creative (or brave) enough. Believe us—we’ve tried everything from a hot chocolate board to a taco board! Up next is a french fry charcuterie board.

This masterpiece includes all of our favorite types of fries and plenty of fry dips to go along with them. Here’s how to put together the french fry board of your dreams!

What Is a French Fry Charcuterie Board?

It’s a shareable spread with multiple kinds of french fries and dipping sauces. Simple as that! Start with at least three different kinds of fries, like potato wedges, shoestring fries, waffle fries, crinkle-cut fries, curly fries or sweet potato fries.

Some french fry boards (including ours) include Tater Tots even though they’re not technically a fry. They’re still a form of poppable potato goodness, and we find they fit in perfectly.

You’ll want to encourage your guests to eat their fill while the fries are hot. Nobody wants cold, floppy french fries!

How to Make a French Fry Charcuterie Board

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Foods to Include

Fries: We included five different kinds of fries on our french fry charcuterie board: sweet potato fries, shoestrings, curly fries, crinkle-cut and waffle fries (plus Tater Tots). Including a variety of spuds makes the board more playful and fun.

Dipping sauces: You can’t have fries without some kind of dipping sauce! My personal go-to is ketchup, but we also put out bowls of fry sauce and ranch. And we served guacamole, sour cream and nacho cheese dip so guests could make cheese fries.

Toppings: Take advantage of being at home by serving toppings for the fries that you can’t get at the drive-thru. Green onions, chopped bacon and shredded cheese are safe and savory bets for any of the fries on the board.

How to Build a French Fry Charcuterie Board

Since this is a board full of piping hot fries, you’ll need to build time into your schedule to bake them right before assembly. If you don’t have enough oven space, rely on an air fryer or toaster oven to help you out. Otherwise, heat up a few trays at a time in the oven, and rewarm them at 200°F if necessary before putting everything together.

Don’t forget to make the dips ahead of time, too!

Step 1: Prepare the condiments

You’ll need to heat up the nacho cheese dip on the stovetop or in the microwave. While it’s reheating, grab bowls for the french fry dip, guacamole, ranch and ketchup, and transfer them over. Use the biggest bowls for the condiments you think people will need the most of!

Step 2: Arrange the bowls

Spread out the bowls of condiments sporadically across the empty board.

Step 3: Put the fries on the board

Transfer the hot fries from the oven, air fryer or toaster oven to the board. It doesn’t matter where you put the fries on the board—no matter how you group them together, the differences in size, cut and texture of the fries will visually pop.

For our french fry charcuterie board, we put the shoestrings and sweet potatoes fries near the ranch dip on one side of the board. The Tater Tots fit right between the nacho cheese and guacamole, while the curly fries and crinkle-cuts contrast each other nicely in the middle. The waffle fries cover the other side of the board, nestled near the ketchup and fry sauce.

Step 4: Serve the finished french fry charcuterie board

Once you have all of the fries, dips and toppings on the board, let your guests know that it’s time to dig in!

Make sure you have spoons in each of the condiment bowls so that no one is tempted to double dip. We served our board with lined trays so everyone can fill them up without having to worry about fries falling off of a plate.

Tips for Making a French Fry Board

French Fry Charcuterie BoardTMB Studio

What else can you put on a french fry charcuterie board?

Other types of fries, of course! You could add homemade steak fries, potato wedges or even potato smiley fries. Other dip options include mustard or honey mustard, your favorite barbecue sauce or aioli, chimichurri, steak sauce and more. If you want to get creative, you could even serve gravy to make poutine.

If you want to include other fried foods, think of onion rings, cheese curds, mozzarella sticks or even fried green beans.

How many fries should you make per person?

While typical serving sizes of french fries range between 12-14 fries, let’s be realistic: No one is going to stop there. Especially since you’re putting so many possible combinations to try, your guests may want to eat more than usual—so plan accordingly!

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