Everything You Need to Know About Cotton Candy Grapes

Updated: Jan. 23, 2024

This is not a drill! Deliciously sweet Cotton Candy grapes are 100% real (and available right now).

The weather’s warming up, which means that we’re constantly on the lookout for refreshing foods that’ll help us cool down. Our favorites, obviously, are nature’s candy, aka grapes.

Over the last few years, we’ve found grapes that literally taste like candy, and you can bet everyone’s been keeping an eye out for ’em every summer since. Well, your prayers have been answered—Cotton Candy grapes are back! It may sound like something that’s straight from Willy Wonka’s mind, but there’s nothing at all fictional about these fruits. They’re as real as apples or bananas!

How Are Cotton Candy Grapes Made?

These days, through the miracle of science, food producers can make almost anything happen. That’s why the California company Grapery is able to make our grape-y dreams come true.

By cross-breeding many different standard grapes, the company has managed to create all sorts of new grapes, and they’re all in our grape guide. Ranging in styles and flavors, these new fruits are as tasty as they are original. Moon Drops are grapes shaped like tiny eggplants, Gumdrops have a “gummylicious flavor” and Cotton Candy grapes taste exactly like cotton candy. Intrigued? We certainly are!

Where to Find Cotton Candy Grapes

According to Grapery’s Availability Calendar, Cotton Candy grapes are available from mid-July through early- September, making them the perfect summer snack. However, they’ve been spotted in early May at Costco for around $3 per pound—or $10 for a 3-pound clamshell—and they may also be available at your local supermarket. Cotton Candy grapes are currently retailing in the produce section for about $3.99 per pound (normally they’re around $2), but we’re willing to pay a premium for surprise candy-flavored grapes. If you’re not keen on heading to the store, try shopping for Cotton Candy grapes via grocery stores that offer delivery or pick-up, including Sam’s Club and Target.

Are Cotton Candy Grapes Good for You?

Great news: They’re packed with the same vitamins that you get in regular green and red grapes. You don’t have to feel guilty about eating this healthy candy alternative. Learn how to make cotton candy pickle at home.

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