This Is Everything You Need to Know About Pink Pineapples (Including Where to Find Them)

Updated: Jan. 28, 2022

You can now buy a gorgeous pink pineapple!

Ever since I got my hands on cotton candy grapes for the first time, I’ve been on the lookout for more candy-flavored fruit. When I’m at the grocery store,  it’s hard not to find something new in the produce section. The next thing I plan to buy is a Pinkglow pink pineapple!

What Is a Pink Pineapple?

It’s precisely what you’d expect: a pineapple with pink flesh. It turns out this “Jewel of the Jungle” is more complex that meets the eye, though. According to Del Monte, the company that grows Pinkglow pineapples, this colorful fruit is years in the making.

Grown in the South Central region of Costa Rica, these pretty pink creations taste different than regular pineapples. They’re less sour than what you might be used to, as well as juicier and sweeter. They even have some candy-like notes as well—sounds like I’m going to like these quite a bit! You can expect the same great pineapple health benefits, though.

Are Pink Pineapples Natural?

The pink color comes from the presence of lycopene, a natural pigment that occurs in other foods such as watermelon and tomatoes. Del Monte even keeps the leafy crowns of the purchased pineapples so they can continuously regrow their wonder crop. (You can follow the same method to grow a pineapple at home.)

Where to Buy Pink Pineapples

Pinkglow pineapples can be purchased from only two retailers: Melissa’s and Tropical Fruit Box. You may have guessed, but pink pineapples aren’t as cheap as their yellow brethren. Right now, prices are between $30 and $40 a pop, so they’re definitely an investment. This may not be fruit you stock up on to snack on casually, but is definitely the kind of centerpiece that will make the perfect conversation starter for any get-together.

Things to Make with Your Pink Pineapple
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