Monkey Bread Recipes

Making a great monkey bread recipe from scratch could be simpler than you think. Find easy monkey bread recipes here, ready just in time for dessert.

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    Slow-Cooker Monkey Bread

    1 review

    I often take this slow-cooker monkey bread to church potlucks—children and adults love it! The rum extract is optional. —Lisa Leaper, Worthington, Ohio

    Garlic Rosemary Pull-Apart Bread

    4 reviews

    This recipe is a different type of pull-apart bread. Eat it by itself, dipped in marinara, or as part of...

    Sticky Cinnamon-Sugar Monkey Bread

    9 reviews

    You can do all the prep work for this monkey bread the night before. I prepare the dough pieces and...

    Savory Pull Apart Bread

    3 reviews

    —Janne Rowe, Wichita, Kansas

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    Buttery Bubble Bread

    24 reviews

    Homemade bread can be time-consuming, difficult and tricky to make. But this fun-to-eat monkey bread, baked in a fluted tube...

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    Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Monkey Bread

    5 reviews

    Time to give rum cake a little competition! If this boozy take on monkey bread is too strong for your...

    Fruited Pull-Apart Bread

    1 review

    "My mother made this wreath-shaped coffee cake each Christmas," recalls Bonnie Wilde of Springville, Utah. "The dough is kneaded in...

    Orange Pull-Apart Bread

    "The recipe for this appealing breakfast loaf came from my sister, who's an excellent cook," relates Kristin Salzman of Fenton,...

    Cherry Pull-Apart Bread

    Every year I make a huge batch of my cherry bread —some goes to friends as a special treat, and...

    Honey Pull-Apart Bread

    When I came across this recipe in an old family cookbook, I knew it would be an instant hit with...

    Cinnamon Monkey Bread

    26 reviews

    Is it possible for four kids to cook together without total chaos in the kitchen? Yes, with the right recipe....

    Pull-Apart Garlic Bread

    19 reviews

    People go wild over this golden, garlicky loaf whenever I serve it. There’s intense flavor in every bite. —Carol Shields,...

    Cranberry Chip Monkey Bread

    Monkey bread is no stranger at our house, but I wanted a holiday version. This one with cranberries and eggnog...

    Pull-Apart Garlic Buns

    7 reviews

    My Italian neighbor has passed along many mouthwatering recipes, including this one. The soft, tender buns are easy to pull...

    Orange Pull-Apart Coffee Ring

    1 review

    This coffee ring is an old family recipe that's long been a hit with anyone who's tried it. The yeast...

    Pull-Apart Bacon Bread

    17 reviews

    I stumbled across this recipe while looking for something different to take to a brunch. Boy, am I glad I...

    Monkey Biscuits

    3 reviews

    The dear friend who shared this recipe has since passed away, but I think of her every time I prepare...

    Marmalade Monkey Bread

    1 review

    We love this pretty pull-apart bread, and drop-in company just raves about it. Because it uses refrigerated biscuits, it's so...

    Herbed Monkey Bread

    2 reviews

    This pull-apart bread tastes especially good alongside a plate of saucy spaghetti!—Donna Gordon, Averill Park, New York

    Pull-Apart Cinnamon Sticks

    I cook for our hired help and appreciate easy recipes. These cinnamon breadsticks disappear fast. —Elvera Dallman, Franklin, Nebraska

    Cherry Almond Pull-Apart Bread

    1 review

    I recommend these rolls as a sweet treat for Christmas or Easter morning, or whenever you have overnight guests. When...

    Mini Monkey Bread

    Want to perk up frozen biscuits? Try this delicious monkey bread filled with butter and herbs from our home economists.

    Pull-Apart Herb Bread

    4 reviews

    THE INGREDIENTS for this recipe are so simple and the results so spectacular, I'm always willing to share the secret.

    Pull-Apart Morning Rolls

    Family members often come to our farm for down-home country breakfasts. These easy-to-prepare cinnamon rolls are always part of the...

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    Praline Pull-Apart Coffee Cake

    I developed this recipe for our church youth fund-raiser. We sold the cakes frozen and ready-to-bake.

    Swiss-Onion Bread Ring

    8 reviews

    My pull-apart bread recipe is crisp and golden on the outside, rich and buttery on the inside. Thanks to store-bought...

    Fruity Pull-Apart Bread

    4 reviews

    Who doesn't love to start the day with monkey bread? This skillet version is packed with bright berries and dolloped...

    Maple Bubble Bread

    1 review

    This is my family's favorite breakfast bread. With a scrumptious topping of maple syrup and brown sugar, it's the perfect...

    Chocolate Monkey Bread

    We enjoy this chocolate monkey bread as we open gifts on Christmas. It's impossible to resist. —Heather Deterding, Odenton, Maryland

    Monkey Bread

    9 reviews

    Both of my boys really enjoyed helping me make this butterscotch monkey bread when they were young. It seemed to...