Bread, Roll & Pastry Recipes

Learning how to make bread and pastries from scratch is so satisfying for any home baker. We’ve got the tips and recipes you need.

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    How to Make Zeppole (Italian Doughnuts)

    Zeppole are easy-to-make, delicious Italian doughnuts. The fritter-like balls are fried to a golden brown, fluffy inside and sweet—especially when covered in sugar.

    How to Make Bonuts, the Perfect Biscuit-Doughnut Mashup

    What happens when you cross a biscuit with a doughnut? You get bonuts: delicious, bite-sized breakfast treats.

    How to Make Loukoumades (Greek Doughnuts with Honey)

    These Greek doughnuts are easy enough to make at home but taste like they're fresh from the bakery!

    How to Make Malasadas—aka Portuguese-Hawaiian Doughnuts

    Originating from Portugal and now a popular Hawaiian treat, malasadas are a rich, eggy doughnut sprinkled in sugar.

    How to Make Mochi Doughnuts, aka Pon De Ring Doughnuts

    If you love making doughnuts, you're going to have to try this mochi doughnut recipe. With a little practice, you'll...

    How to Make Copycat Texas Roadhouse Rolls

    With this best-ever copycat Texas Roadhouse rolls recipe, you and your family will be line dancing on your kitchen table...

    Baked Doughnuts

    1 review

    This is a perfect master recipe for baked doughnuts. Add different spices, glazes and decorations with the same main ingredients—the...

    Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts

    Share a warm batch of these cinnamon-sugar-coated pumpkin doughnuts at your next morning meeting, and you'll become the office's favorite....

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    We Can’t Get Enough of These Upside Down Puff Pastries Going Viral Right Now

    These upside-down puff pastry tarts are as delectable as they are easy to make.

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    We Are Drooling Over These Viral Pineapple Upside Down Pastries

    This fruity dessert is easy enough for everyday baking but beautiful enough for summer entertaining.

    This Viral Video Shows You How to Make a “Crème Brûléegle”, AKA a Creme Bru...

    Because who doesn't want to play around with a kitchen torch?

    This Popular Cottage Cheese Bread Is Absolutely Delightful—and Easy To Make

    What’s the Difference Between Cake Doughnuts and Yeast Doughnuts?

    Recipes for cake doughnuts and yeast doughnuts rely on different leavening agents. The result? Each doughnut has its own...

    How to Make Old-Fashioned Doughnuts

    Call us old-fashioned, but this is the best way to make doughnuts!

    How to Make Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread

    There's no tastier way to eat up zucchini than making a tasty quick bread!

    We Tried Wildgrain, the Internet’s Favorite Bake-from-Frozen Bakery Box

    Freshly baked bread delivered right to your door? Sign us up! We tested the loaves and pastries from the beloved...

    8 Doughnut Molds to Bake the Iconic Treat at Home

    Instead of running to the drive-thru, make this classic breakfast treat in your kitchen with the help of a doughnut...

    Dollywood’s Cinnamon Bread Copycat

    1 review

    When I arrive at Dollywood, first things first: I head straight to the Grist Mill for some cinnamon bread. It's...

    Pre-Stuffed, Unsliced Bagels Are Here to Upend NYC’s Bagel Tax

    Just in time for Tax Day, a genius idea of bagels pre-stuffed with cream cheese.

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    The Best Blueberry Muffin Mix: Our Pro Bakers’ Top Picks

    Looking to stir up something sweet without much fuss? You'll want the very best blueberry muffin mix. Check out our...

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    This Garlic Bread With Shallots Is Going Viral—Here’s How to Make It

    This recipe—with shallots, miso and honey—is like your old cheesy garlic bread, but better.

    I Made the Cinnamon Babka from ‘Seinfeld,’ and It’s Definitely Not a ...

    Add this gorgeous swirled cinnamon babka to your baking bucket list.

    Bakewell Pie Tarts

    1 review

    With my busy family of five, I'm always burning things in the oven because I get pulled into other tasks....

    Bacon Pretzel Fury

    I tried a bacon pretzel fury the last time I was at Busch Gardens, and afterward I ferociously tried to...

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    How to Make Copycat Domino’s Cheesy Bread

    No driving to pick up dinner, no delivery fees, just all the cheese—that's the beauty of our copycat Domino's cheesy...

    Greek Easter Bread (Tsoureki)

    While this rich, sweet Greek Easter bread, also known as tsoureki, is traditionally served during the spring, it can be...

    How to Make Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins Like a Pro

    Taste of Home's Test Kitchen developed the perfect gluten-free blueberry muffins. Keep this recipe handy!

    How to Make Gluten-Free Cornbread

    This gluten-free cornbread recipe is so simple to make.

    How to Make the Pumpkin Pasties from ‘Harry Potter’

    No foolish wand-waving or silly incantations required; you can make Harry Potter's pumpkin pasties with a few simple ingredients.

    Dollywood Has the Best Cinnamon Bread Ever—Here’s How to Make It

    Dollywood dishes up such comforting Southern food you might mistake it for home cooking. The most popular offering? This ooey-gooey...