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7-Day WW-Friendly Meal Plan

Navigate your way through breakfast, lunch and dinner with this WW-friendly meal plan (formerly Weight Watchers). Each day clocks in at around 20 SmartPoints*.

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Sweet Potato And Egg Skillet  Exps Sdfm18 206672 D10 10 2b 4

Day 1 Breakfast: Sweet Potato and Egg Skillet

I try to incorporate nutritious sweet potatoes in my meals as often as possible, especially with breakfast. I created this recipe with the purpose of feeding my family a healthy, hearty breakfast—and it worked! —Jeanne Larson, Mission Viejo, California

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Day 1 Lunch: Chicken Tzatziki Cucumber Boats

I’ve tended a garden for decades, and these colorful “boats” made from cucumbers hold my homegrown tomatoes, peas and dill. It’s absolute garden greatness. —Ronna Farley, Rockville, Maryland

Day 1 Snack: Strawberries (or choose another Zero Point Food)

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Quinoa Unstuffed Peppers Exps Sddj18 206214 D08 08 3b 2

Day 1 Dinner: Quinoa Unstuffed Peppers

This deconstructed stuffed pepper dish packs a wallop of flavor. I truly make it all the time, and I make sure my freezer is stocked with single-serve portions to take to work. —Rebecca Ende, Phoenix, New York

Day 1 Dessert: Melon Balls (any kind you like!)

Day 1 Total: Approx. 15 PointsPlus

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Day 2 Breakfast: Breakfast Bruschetta

My family loves bruschetta, so why not have it for breakfast? This gives us a healthy start to the morning, and takes very little effort. You get all the traditional flavors, and with egg added, it makes a great meal. —Kallee Krong-McCreery, Escondido, California
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Shrimp Avocado Salad Exps Hc16 192652 C07 01 2b 6

Day 2 Lunch: Shrimp Avocado Salad

This salad can be served as a cool and satisfying dinner or lunch. The delicious taste and smooth texture of avocados mixed with the crisp shrimp salad is heavenly. —Teri Rasey, Cadillac, Michigan

Day 2 Snack: Chili-Lime Roasted Chickpeas

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Day 2 Dinner: Tropical Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowls

This tropical favorite is a delicious and healthy dinner with tons of flavor! You can substitute regular rice for the cauliflower rice if desired. —Bethany DiCarlo, Harleysville, Pennsylvania

Day 2 Side: Steamed Kale

Day 2 Total: Approx. 20 PointsPlus

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Day 3 Breakfast: Blueberry Cantaloupe Salad

The simple citrus and poppy seed dressing in this fruit medley really dresses up the refreshing mix of berries and melon. —R. Jean Rand, Edina, Minnesota
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Mediterranean Bulgur Bowl Exps Sdas17 185656 D04 04 05 5b 1

Day 3 Lunch: Mediterranean Bulgur Bowl

You can also transform this tasty bowl into an Italian version with mozzarella, pesto, tomatoes, spinach and basil. —Renata Smith, Brookline, Massachusetts

Day 3 Snack: Four-Tomato Salsa and Chips

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Day 3 Dinner: Parmesan Chicken with Artichoke Hearts

I've liked the chicken and artichoke combo for a long time. Here's my own lemony twist. With all the praise it gets, this dinner is so much fun to serve. —Carly Giles, Hoquiam, Washington

Day 3 Total: Approx. 20 PointsPlus

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Day 4 Breakfast: Star-Spangled Parfaits

The best time for this sweet breakfast (or dessert!) is mid-summer, when the blueberries are thick in our northern woods. Red raspberries can be added to the mixed berries, too, to brighten up the patriotic colors. —Anne Theriault, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Day 4 Lunch: Turkey & Apricot Wraps

For these everyday wraps, I combined the traditional southern appetizer of jam and cream cheese on crackers with the turkey, apple and Brie sandwiches we ate at my bridal luncheon. I like to sneak fresh spinach into all sorts of recipes because it has such a mild flavor. —Kim Beavers, North August, South Carolina

Day 4 Snack: Layered Hummus Dip 

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Tasty Turkey And Mushrooms Exps Sdas18 27510 D03 30  6b 1

Day 4 Dinner: Tasty Turkey and Mushrooms

Sliced mushrooms star in this tender turkey recipe. It takes just minimal preparation and makes a great main dish. —Nancy Zimmerman, Cape May Court House, New Jersey

Day 4 Dessert: Frozen Pineapple-Kiwi Pops

Day 4 Total: Approx. 20 PointsPlus

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Spinach Mushroom Scrambled Eggs Exps62041 Thhc2377563b05 04 8bc Rms 7

Day 5 Breakfast: Spinach-Mushroom Scrambled Eggs

My husband and I had breakfast at a hotel and enjoyed an amazing mushroom and egg dish. As soon as I got home, I made my own rendition. —Rachelle McCalla, Batesville, Arkansas
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Exps176112 Sd163575d10 08 10b 19

Day 5 Lunch: Carolina Shrimp Soup

Fresh shrimp from the Carolina coast is one of our favorite foods. We add kale, garlic, red peppers and black-eyed peas to complete this wholesome, filling soup. —Mary Marlowe Leverette, Columbia, South Carolina

Day 5 Snack: Almonds

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Blackened Tilapia With Zucchini Noodles Exps Toham23 200349 P2 Md 11 04 7b

Day 5 Dinner: Blackened Tilapia with Zucchini Noodles

I love quick and bright meals like this one-skillet wonder. The way it tastes, you'd think it takes a lot more effort, but it goes from prep to dinner table in half an hour. The recipe works well with any light fish, or even shrimp. —Tammy Brownlow, Dallas, Texas

Day 5 Side: Roasted Sugar Snap Peas 

Day 5 Dessert: Frozen Banana Cereal Pops 

Day 5 Total: Approx. 18 PointsPlus

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Day 6 Breakfast: Hard-Boiled Eggs

In the kitchen, it's important to start with something simple, like how to cook hard-boiled eggs. Use this egg recipe in plenty of dishes, or eat them plain for a quick protein fix. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Day 6 Lunch: Watermelon and Spinach Salad

Summer's the perfect time to toss up this watermelon salad. You'd never expect it, but spinach is awesome here. Eat it and feel cool on even the hottest days. —Marjorie Au, Honolulu, Hawaii

Day 6 Snack: Popcorn

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Day 6 Dinner: Chicken Veggie Packets

People think I went to a lot of trouble when I serve these packets. Individual aluminum foil pouches hold in the juices during baking to keep the herbed chicken moist and tender. The foil saves time and makes cleanup a breeze. —Edna Shaffer, Beulah, Michigan

Day 6 Side: Herbed Grilled Corn on the Cob

Day 6 Dessert: S’more Pops

Day 6 Total: Approx. 16 PointsPlus

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Classic Avocado Toast Exps Ghtjm17 188526 B03 21 3b 3

Day 7 Breakfast: Classic Avocado Toast

This is such an easy way to add avocados to your diet. Use healthy multigrain bread and top with sliced radishes and cracked pepper or lime zest, or chipotle peppers and cilantro. You'll want to make this avocado toast recipe every morning! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Indian Spiced Chickpea Wraps Exps Sdam17 161897 D12 09 5b 1

Day 7 Lunch: Indian Spiced Chickpea Wraps

Raita, an Indian condiment made with yogurt, elevates this vegetarian dish to a satisfying gourmet wrap. If you're in the mood to experiment, try diced mango or cucumber for the pineapple and add fresh herbs like cilantro or mint. —Jennifer Beckman, Falls Church, Virginia

Day 7 Snack: Swiss Cheese 

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Exps100610 Sd153323d06 05 5b 3

Day 7 Dinner: Salmon with Spinach & White Beans

My husband, Oscar, is a Southerner at heart. This salmon with garlicky beans and spinach won him over at first bite. —Mary Ellen Hofstetter, Brentwood, Tennessee

Day 7 Dessert: Easy Lemon Berry Tartlets 

Day 7 Total: Approx. 16 PointsPlus

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