Baileys Irish Cream Baking Chips Make Everything So Much Sweeter

We're stocking up ASAP.

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Bakers, get to the store right now, because Baileys(yes, that Baileys) is selling the world’s most tempting baking ingredient: Baileys Irish Cream Baking Chips. These delicious morsels were so popular on first release that they sold out in just two days. Luckily, we didn’t lose them forever. Now, you can include them in all your signature dishes. (We’ll call it a secret ingredient.)

Here’s what you need to know:

You Can Find Them at Walmart

Last year’s baking chips were surprisingly hard to find. This year, you can pick up a 12-oz pouch from Walmart for less than $3! Just use the store’s pickup finder to make sure they’re in stock at your local store.

If you don’t live near a Walmart, you can also buy the chips online. Amazon has them, as does the Clabber Girl website. On both sites, the chips will cost you less than $9. And while it’s more expensive than Walmart, we’re thinking that’s still a small price to pay for a bag of Irish goodness.

Baileys Chips Won’t Give You a Buzz

The best thing about Baileys is that Irish cream is boozy. It’s an essential ingredient for the classic Irish coffee. Baileys chips skip the alcohol but manage to capture the trademark taste of their Irish cream liqueur in a chip that’s safe for everyone to nosh on. The advantage to the Irish cream chips is that you get that classic taste without the alcohol, in case you crave the flavor but not the tipsiness that comes with it.

Psst… Have you ever made Irish cream at home?

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They’re Easy to Bake With

Any dessert recipe you can think to include chocolate chips in can now be made with a dash of velvety Irish cream. Just find the right recipe to experiment with!

Hint: We’d start with Baileys chocolate chip cookies, a batch of Baileys fudge or chocolate-dipped strawberries with an Irish kick.

Desserts to Bake with Your Baileys Chips
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