Pizza Casserole Recipes

Pizza is amazing in any form, and these pizza casserole recipes prove it.

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19 Casseroles for Anyone Who Loves Pizza

Pizza, meet casseroles. These comforting mash-ups combine two of your favorite foods in one delicious dish.

Pizza Quinoa Casserole

6 reviews

If you like pizza night, give this healthy quinoa casserole a try! It's a fun way to sneak in a...

Pepperoni and Sausage Deep-Dish Pizza Quiche

5 reviews

Try this savory quiche for a hearty change-of-pace breakfast. Needless to say, it's wonderful for lunch and dinner too. —...

Pressure-Cooker Tomato-Poached Halibut

1 review

Simple halibut with a burst of lemon comes together easily. Serve it with bread or, even better, try it with...

Pressure-Cooker Salmon

I love this recipe because it’s healthy and almost effortless. The salmon always cooks to perfection and is ready in...

Pizza Tater Tot Casserole

4 reviews

For a new spin on a classic casserole, try my easy version. For a fun twist, just add your family’s...

Slow-Cooker Pizza Casserole

63 reviews

A comforting casserole with mass appeal is just what you need when cooking for a crowd. For added convenience, it...

Pizza Lover’s Casserole

4 reviews

When you're looking for a surefire crowd-pleaser for a kids' party, it's hard to go wrong with pizza. This dish...

Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

5 reviews

Quick-prep veggies and simple seasonings get this saucy meat-lover’s pizza casserole on the table pronto. It’s great for potlucks, too,...

Upside-Down Pizza Bake

11 reviews

This super easy but exceptionally delicious recipe is one I've been preparing and serving to my children and now to...

Upside-Down Pizza

11 reviews

If you like pizza, I think you'll enjoy this recipe. I like making this better than regular pizza because I...

Pizza Pasta Casserole

64 reviews

Kids will line up for this zippy pizza-flavored dish. The recipe makes two casseroles, so you can serve one to...

Poached Eggs & Polenta

We have a bed and breakfast in Gettysburg where I serve creative dishes like these poached eggs with polenta, our...

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Pizza Noodle Bake

22 reviews

Here’s a family-pleasing casserole that comes together in a snap, making it perfect for a weeknight meal. Double the recipe...

Slow-Cooker Pizza

36 reviews

Always a hit at our church dinners, this hearty casserole keeps folks coming back for more. —Julie Sterchi from Jackson,...

Poached Pears with Raspberry Sauce

2 reviews

This elegant dessert for two has a wonderful vanilla flavoring that is very satisfying. With an extremely simple raspberry sauce...

Biscuit Pizza Bake

16 reviews

This recipe provides all the flavor of traditional pizza in a convenient casserole. It is packed with ground beef, pepperoni...

Spiral Pepperoni Pizza Bake

39 reviews

My grandmother used to fix this yummy dish for my Girl Scout troop when I was growing up. Now, I...

Pepperoni Pizza Casserole

10 reviews

Loaded with popular pizza flavors, this noodle bake is sure to be a winner with all ages. You can use...

Double-Crust Pizza Casserole

8 reviews

After my husband and I got married, this biscuit pizza solved the what’s-for-dinner problem. As our family grew, I just...

Pizza Tot Casserole

14 reviews

You'll need just seven basic ingredients to make this effortless upside-down pizza casserole. Since I cook for two, I often...

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Pour-A-Pan Pizza

3 reviews

"This main dish is great on Friday nights when the kids want pizza and I don't have much time to...

Meat Lover’s Pizza Bake

7 reviews

Carol Oakes from Sturgis, Michigan shares this yummy pizza casserole that's hearty with ground beef and pepperoni. Instead of a...

Breakfast Pizza Skillet

2 reviews

I found the recipe for this hearty stovetop dish several years ago and changed it to fit our tastes. When...

Poached Pears in Almond Sauce

4 reviews

Lillian Julow likes to serve these luscious pears whenever she is celebrating a memorable occasion. "They always make a pretty...

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Cheesy Pizza Casserole

13 reviews

I discovered this recipe in the reader's exchange page of our local electric cooperative's magazine. Serve it whenever you've got...

Poached Pears with Vanilla Sauce

1 review

This dessert is a great ending to a special-occasion meal. Whole pears are lightly spiced and chilled, then served with...

Slow-Cooked Pizza Casserole

10 reviews

A friend from church gave me the recipe for this satisfying slow-cooked casserole. It's always one of the first dishes...

Pizza Rice Casserole

2 reviews

Anyone who enjoys pizza and lasagna will like this Italian-style rice. It sure has a broad appeal with my family...

Poached Chicken

3 reviews

You can't beat poaching for chicken that is moist and tender. Once it's cooled, store extra in the freezer for...

Default Recipe Image

Poached Halibut

Rosadene Herold of Likeville, Indiana relies on her microwave to get delicious whitefish on the table in no time.