24 Easy, No-Bake Lemon Desserts

Easy lemon desserts, particularly when they're no-bake, are a great addition to any summer party. Check out our favorite recipes for lemony icebox cakes, simple pies and no-bake cheesecakes.

Lemon ice

On a hot summer day, no-bake desserts always seem to hit the spot. And when you’re craving a bit of zest, easy lemon desserts that are also no-bake are winners.

These easy treats can take many forms, including no-bake pies, shortcut trifles and frozen sweets. So break out your lemon zester, stock up on lemonade and head to the kitchen!

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Lemonade Icebox Pie

At the top of our favorite easy lemon desserts is this swift lemonade pie. It uses just five ingredients—including a premade graham cracker crust. It has all the sweetness and tang of a tall glass of lemonade.

Looking for easy, no-bake pie options? Try these instead that are still as decadent and delicious as popular desserts that are baked, but they require only chilling time—no preheating or oven time necessary.

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Simple Lemon Mousse

Mousse is one of those desserts that always feels fancy. When you stir this one up, top with an extra lemon slice or fresh fruit for a polished look.
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Strawberry Lemon Trifle

This refreshingly fruity dessert is a reader favorite. It looks so beautiful layered in a glass bowl that people will think it took ages to make. The secret is starting with a purchased angel food cake.
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Lemon Ice

After simmering the ingredients over the stove for a quick spell, all that’s left with this treat is to let it freeze. In a few hours, this easy lemon dessert is slushy and ready to scoop. Try our editor’s favorite ice cream scoops to make it even simpler.
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Lemon Tiramisu

Easy lemon desserts, it’s time for a tiramisu twist! This tart version of the Italian treat uses mascarpone cheese and ladyfingers like the original, but swaps in a lemon pudding filling and plenty of zesty lemon extras.
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No-Bake Lemon Pudding Cheesecake Squares

This easy dessert starts with a box of instant pudding. Combined with whipped topping and layered onto a graham cracker crust, you’ve got a people-pleasing dessert. Not in the mood for lemon? You can use any type of instant pudding in this recipe to make it your own.

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Blueberry Lemon Trifle

Blueberries and lemon are such a delightful summer flavor combo. This recipe gets its lemony punch from lemon pie filling and lemon yogurt.
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Limoncello Cream Pie

This creamy, no-bake pie is refreshing during the warm months. Feel free to use your go-to store-bought lemon liqueur, but we’ll give you bonus points if you use homemade limoncello.
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Coconut-Lemon Ice Cream Cake

This ice cream cake starts with a package of shortbread cookies. Those are layered between a mix of lemon zest, lemon juice and softened ice cream.
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Lemon Custard Cake

Who doesn’t love easy lemon desserts that use just five ingredients? This custard cake uses a store-bought angel food cake as a base. Then lemon pudding and cherry pie filling are added to the mix for a custard-y treat guests will love.
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Lemon Sherbet

This smooth and creamy sherbet uses lemon juice and zest for a wonderfully zippy flavor. This treat can be served on its own or topped with fresh fruit.
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Berry, Lemon and Doughnut Hole Trifle

So many trifle recipes start with premade angel food cakes or pound cakes. But this easy lemon recipe uses donut holes! It’s a great way to use up day-old bakery—and it saves you from having to cube up a whole cake.
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Lemon Icebox Cake

Icebox cakes are some of the best no-bake desserts you can make. When creamy ingredients are layered with wafers or cookies, the two mesh to create a cake-like treat. This lemon version uses graham crackers, cream cheese and lemon pudding mix.

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No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

For an airy delight on a summer afternoon, try this mouthwatering cheesecake. Because it doesn’t contain eggs, it’s lighter but also very creamy and refreshing.
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Lemon Bark

White chocolate serves as the base for this lemony candy bark. All you have to do is melt the chocolate and stir in crushed up lemon candies.
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Easy Strawberry Lemonade Freezer Pie

Love strawberry lemonade? This pie is for you! It’s so simple to make; just combine frozen berries, lemon pudding mix and whipped topping. Spoon it into a premade crust and you’ve got a treat folks will devour. Next, try this no-bake lemon pie.
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Lemon Snowball

This treat may look like baked Alaska, but it’s not baked at all! Instead it combines a lemony filling and a store-bought angel food cake. The whole thing is topped with fresh whipped cream and coconut.
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Buttery Lemon Sandwich Cookies

This recipe starts with a tub of lemon frosting and Ritz crackers. Once assembled into sandwiches, the cookies get dipped in white chocolate. For extra flair, finish with sprinkles.
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Lemon-Apricot Fruit Pops

Lemon brings out the vibrance of apricot, one of summer’s under-appreciated fruits. Add a bit of fresh mint to the fruit pop mix for a surprising burst of flavor.
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Frozen Watermelon Lemon Cream Tarts

Looking for more ways to enjoy watermelon this summer (besides oversized wedges)? These frozen tarts combine melon, lemon and yogurt for an easy, healthy treat.
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Lemon Chiffon Blueberry Dessert

With a name like “chiffon,” you know this dessert is wonderfully light and smooth. If you want to use frozen berries, our Test Kitchen recommends not defrosting them before stirring them into the lemon fluff filling. This way the chiffon will stay a creamy white.
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Lemon Cream Delight

Think of this easy lemon dessert as cheesecake without the crust. It has the same lush texture and can be served up in small sundae dishes.
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Lemony Coconut Frozen Yogurt

Lemon and toasted coconut are a great pairing. When blended in creamy frozen yogurt, you have one of the summer’s best easy lemon desserts.
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Layered Lemon Dessert Squares

Easy lemon desserts, including this one, often start with a jar of lemon curd. Be sure to grab a quality version at the store. You’ll really be able to taste the citrusy flavor.

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