23 Champagne Cocktails That Prove Holidays Are Better with Bubbles

Updated: Jan. 06, 2024

Make your holidays (or any day!) a bit more bubbly with these effervescent champagne cocktail recipes.

Nothing marks the start of a celebration quite like popping a bottle of bubbly. And for champagne enthusiasts, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to do just that. Whether you’re a bellini fan, a mimosa lover or a party punchbowl proponent, these champagne cocktail recipes are sure to delight during the most wonderful time of the year.

Skip your fanciest bottles here and instead opt for delightful cheap champagnes. You can even make them booze-free with one of these nonalcoholic champagnes for an elevated mocktail alternative.

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Holiday Mimosa

Raspberry liqueur and ruby red grapefruit juice are the base of this recipe that gets a champagne topping. But let’s be serious: It’s all about the sparkly sugar rim. You could even swap red crystals for green ones or enlist one of these other cocktail garnish ideas.
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Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails

This whimsical libation may not be as pink as cotton candy, but that’s because the spun confection melts into the champagne-vodka drink, leaving only sweet flavors behind. To play up the carnival-centric ingredient, try pairing it with cotton candy grapes.
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Bubbly Champagne Punch

One of the best things about punch bowl cocktails is they can be made ahead of time, and then jazzed up with fresh bubbles before guests arrive. To make this one, you’ll need any ring mold you use for Jell-O recipes. Line the mold with orange slices and frozen cranberries, pour pineapple juice and ginger ale on top, then freeze until you’re ready to pop it in the bowl. It’s an instant party pleaser!
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Sparkling Peach Bellinis

The difference between a highly quaffable bellini and a cloying one is all in the peach puree preparation. Skip the syrupy store-bought mixers and make your own with this easy recipe. We promise honey-roasted peach juice is a million times better—with less added sugar to boot.
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Everyone’s favorite holiday plant turned holiday tipple! All you need is red cranberry juice, Triple Sec and chilled champagne to whip up these festive flutes. Topped with fresh berries, they make quite the entrance on a silver tray.
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Champagne Cocktail

You don’t need a bottle of fancy champagne for this amber-hued cocktail that resembles a fizzy old-fashioned. In fact, Prosecco, cava or even a brut rosé will do just fine. If you want to make that bubbly last all night without having to actually pour every single glass, set up a self-serve champagne bar with sparkling wine, mixers and garnishes.
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Champagne Party Punch

This party punch is the ultimate holiday thirst quencher for a crowd. Not only does it make a whopping 18 servings, but you can basically use up all the juices in your fridge for it. Plus champagne, of course.
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Cranberry Orange Mimosas

Seeking something red and sparkly to serve at your fête? This cranberry-hued mimosa fits the bill and employs orange juice and champagne to offset the tartness. Because the shelf life of opened champagne is short, this 12-serving recipe makes good use of opened bottles.
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Vanilla Bean Fizz

Fresh vanilla beans infuse the most wonderful aroma and flavor to any dish or drink around the holidays, so put them to good use in homemade vanilla bean syrup for this bubbly beverage.
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Sparkling Apple Pie on the Rocks

Apple pie in cocktail form? Brilliant for Thanksgiving celebrations. With notes of warming spices, caramel ice cream topping and a beautiful rim of sparkly gold sprinkles, your guests will love this aperitif.
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Peach Champagne

Pro tip: Freeze fresh peaches and strawberries in the summertime and you’ll have them available when the holidays roll around. Then all you have to do is stir in soda, liqueur and champagne before serving.
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Mimosa Floats

For the most indulgent mimosa upgrade, try adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of champagne and OJ for fizzy, creamy flutes. While we have recommendations for the best champagnes for mimoses, you can also use sparkling cider to make it a kid-friendly float.
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Champagne Fruit Punch

Meet the adult-friendly version of your favorite straw-hole punch from childhood. Pull out your favorite pitcher or a vintage holiday punch bowl to serve this 16-serving cocktail.
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Pear & Ginger Sparkler

Love the idea of a bellini, but not into peaches? Or in need of a revamped sparkler to tempt your guests over the holidays? Simmer pear nectar, pears, ginger and sugar, then blend, strain, add vodka and top with champagne for an unexpected take on the famed brunch cocktail.
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Orange-Apricot Mimosa Punch

Citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines lead the way in this mimosa-esque punch you can double or triple for a crowd. You can even make an orange-tangerine ice ring several days ahead of time to display in a bowl the day of your event.
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Mango Bellini

Mango desserts might make you think of summer, but mango sparkling cocktails are a welcome sipper for those spending the holidays in a more tropical climate. For a more exotic spin on the bellini, substitute peach puree with fresh mango nectar and add Prosecco.
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Orange Dream Mimosas

Just like an orange creamsicle, but a little bit boozy. Use sparkling cider, ginger ale or sparkling grape juice for a nonalcoholic version.
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Strawberry Mimosas

Strawberry mimosas add the perfect pop of pink for bridal showers, Valentine’s Day and even holiday brunches when you’re in the mood for summer flavors in the dead of winter. This three-ingredient recipe couldn’t be easier, either. Just blitz frozen or fresh berries with orange juice in a blender, strain through a sieve and top with champagne in your glassware of choice.
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French 75

This beloved champagne cocktail has quite the backstory. Legend has it that it was created at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, France during WWI. Named after the French 75 mm artillery gun, you can imagine it packed quite the kick. Our version is a little lighter thanks to less gin.
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Champagne Punch

A blend of four fruit juices pairs well with bubbly champagne in this party-pleasing punch. Garnish with a lime wheel or a grapefruit wedge.
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Spring Strawberry Sangria

Wine-infused berries make a lovely addition to this special occasion drink that works just as well at the holidays as it does in the spring, given its festive gold and red colors.
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Peach-Basil Cooler

Peach juice, champagne, an herbaceous infusion of basil and just the right amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice are perfection in this peach-basil cooler. Be sure to buy enough basil that you’ll have some leaves left over for aromatic garnishes.
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There’s nothing wrong with a classic. In case you need a reminder on how to flawlessly execute a mimosa at home, allow us to guide the way with this tutorial on the correct champagne to OJ ratio.