10 Best Non-Alcoholic Champagnes and Sparkling Wines

Updated: May 16, 2024

Taking a break from booze? These non-alcoholic bubbles taste just as good as the real stuff. Here are the best non-alcoholic champagnes and sparkling wines to sip!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating an anniversary, job promotion or just a really good day, one thing’s for sure: Very few things can kickstart the celebratory spirit like the pop and fizz of your favorite champagne. So, what’s a person to do if they want to get a little a festive sans alcohol? Side effects like headaches, hangovers and weakened tooth enamel proves that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. (Yes, even champagne.)

The good news: A handful of beverage companies are selling non-alcoholic as a clever way to enjoy bubbles without the booze. However, with so many others out there, it can be difficult to tell which bottles takes like a better-for-you version of the real deal and which ones taste like a glorified juice. To help, we took on the very important—and very serious—task of popping a few bottles to figure out which ones lives up to the hype. Cheers!

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best citrus-forward

Surely Sparkling White Non-Alcoholic Champagne

With notes of lemon, peach and custard, this sparkling white is a fan favorite when it comes to non-alcoholic champagne. It’s more dry than it is sweet, so it won’t lead to a sugar crash. Whether you’re cutting back on booze or looking for non-alcoholic party drinks the whole family will enjoy, Surely is a surefire crowd pleaser.

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Gruvi Non Alcholic Dry Secco Ecomm Via Getruvi.com 001
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best personal bottles

Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry Secco

Grab and go non-alcoholic champagne? Yes, please! These individual bottles of alcohol-free dry secco are too cute to pass up. And they taste yummy, too. Carbonated spring water and California chardonnay wine grapes are the star ingredients of this pick—and each bottle is only 50 calories! It’s the perfect booze-less party drink to stock up on, along with these non-alcoholic beer options.

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Noughty Sparklingrose A2d97226 0ec4 4f80 B18e 124e6e8d817f 1800x1800
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best rosé

Noughty Sparkling Rosé

Rosé gets a booze-less upgrade with this non-alcoholic wine option. The dealcoholized sparkling rosé is made with 100% organic Tempranillo grapes, offering (almost) the same taste as the real stuff. Speaking of alcohol-free libations, you can’t go wrong with these non-alcoholic spirits.

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best low-calorie

Töst Sparkling Beverage

If the ingredients in this non-alcoholic champagne don’t get your mouth watering, one sip will do the trick. Töst is a blend of white tea, white cranberry and ginger, lightly sweetened by blue agave. (Although it’s sweetened, this option boasts 45 calories per eight-ounce serving.) It’s phenomenally flavorful and is an ideal option if you enjoy a beverage with a touch more complexity. Try it on its own or in one of these New Year’s Eve cocktails.

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St Regis Nosecco Ecomm Via Totalwine.com
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best prosecco dupe

St. Regis Nosecco

Love the taste of prosecco? Try St. Regis’ Nosecco. Fruity and floral, with just a touch of sweetness, Nosecco is a perfect alcohol-free bubbly to sip on whether you’re hitting the brunch table or hosting a get-together. It packs a punch as a base in fresh, fizzy mocktails, too.

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best budget

Freixenet Legero Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé

Here’s another fabulous NA rosé courtesy of sparkling giant, Freixenet. This rosy non-alcoholic champagne boasts ample berry notes mixed with purple flowers and the glorious fizz we love about sparkling wines. At $13 for a bottle, consider this pick “fancy for less.”

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Sutter Home Fre Brut Non Alcoholic Champagne Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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best dry

Sutter Home Fre Alcohol-Removed Brut

If you like your champagne brut (dry), then Sutter Home’s Fre needs to be on your radar. Flavors of Granny Smith, lemon and strawberry dominate the palate. This is a serious crowd-pleaser that’ll refresh your palate and help create a festive feel—and it’s on Amazon!

8 / 10

St Regis Non Alcoholic Brut Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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best for champagne cocktails

St. Regis Reserve Non-Alcohol Brut

In addition to their fabulous Nosecco, St. Regis also makes a stellar non-alcoholic brut. Made with dealcoholized chardonnay, it’s fresh with notes of apple, melon and lemon and tastes wickedly good in alcohol-free Bellinis and mimosas. By the way, here’s how to open a bottle of bubbly the right way.

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best cider-based

Martinelli's Sparkling Blush

When in doubt, Martinelli’s has your back. For something a little different, try Martinelli’s sparkling blush. Crafted from apples and a hint of raspberry juice, this champagne alternative is delightfully fruity with a gorgeous balance between sweetness and vibrantly refreshing. It’s another amazing alcohol-free choice for champagne cocktails.

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best for gift giving

Chateau de Fleur Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Champagne

Raise a booze-free toast with Chateau de Fleur’s lovely bubbly. Full of notes of apple, pear and ripe peach, this one is a hosting must-have, right next to these non-alcoholic canned cocktails. Here’s how long bottles of bubbly last after opening.

What to Look for in the Best Non-Alcoholic Champagne

Choosing a bottle of traditional bubbly is a doozy: You need to consider the region, price point, nuanced flavors and aromas. Though you will want to consider notes and price when picking up your booze-free version, the shopping process is considerably easier. You might want to factor in whether the champagne in question is non-alcoholic or dealcoholized. While non-alcoholic champagne has never contained alcohol, dealcoholized  (a.k.a. “alcohol-removed”) champagne starts as regular champagne and then undergoes a process to remove the alcohol.

Why You Should Trust Us

The Taste of Home Test Kitchen is all about finding the best products to add to your cabinets, refrigerator and bar cart. We sampled dozens of non-alcoholic champagne to find ones actually worth toasting. Shopping editor Madi Koetting curated this list based on personal recommendations and hundreds of rave reviews. We also tapped Camille Berry, writer and professional sommelier, to share her industry insight.

How We Found the Best Non-Alcoholic Champagne

The Taste of Home Test Kitchen team busted out their champagne flutes and tried a bunch of booze-free bubbly so you didn’t have to. While we can vouch for many of the products here, we also looked through hundreds of reviews to ensure these picks have mass appeal. (After all, champagne is best enjoyed when shared with others!) We also checked each non-alcoholic champagne to ensure we’re highlighting the latest vintage and accurate prices.


Can you drink non-alcoholic champagne when pregnant?

It’s generally considered safe to drink non-alcoholic champagne when pregnant since it contains little to no booze. However, it’s always a good idea to check the label to make sure it’s truly alcohol-free. (While alcohol-free champagnes never had alcohol, dealcoholized bottles might have very, very small traces.) When in doubt, you can always consult your doctor before your first sip.

Can you pop non-alcoholic champagne?

Good news: The best non-alcoholic champagnes are pop-able! (Isn’t that the best part of sipping on some bubbly?) Just remember to aim the bottle away from people and objects, twist the cork slowly while holding the cork and the base firmly, and let it flow. Cheers!

Is non-alcoholic champagne really alcohol-free?

Well, it depends. While non-alcoholic champagne was made with zero alcohol, dealcoholized bubbly had the booze removed. Alcohol-removed bottles are certainly lower in potency, but depending on the brand’s processes, a bit of booze might remain. If you’re looking to abstain from alcohol,  a non-alcoholic bottle is your best bet.

Can you get a buzz from non-alcoholic wine?

Simply put, you’d have to drink a lot of dealcoholized champagne bottles to feel a buzz. These blends typically contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, which is significantly lower than regular wine. If you are searching for a buzz, might we direct you to something stronger?