Tiramisu Oreos Are Here, and We Already Can’t Get Enough

Updated: Jan. 08, 2021

Tiramisu Oreos are the sweetest Oreo flavor we didn't know we needed.

We’re only a little ways into 2021, and Oreo is already on the move with new flavors. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in last year’s favorites—and by that, we mean nothing other than these Oreos based on your favorite, decadent dessert.

Snacking doesn’t get any sweeter than with Tiramisu Oreos. Here’s why you need to make room in your cookie jar.

It’s the Sweetest Oreo Flavor So Far

There’s nothing quite like homemade tiramisu, but if you’re looking to indulge without having to do dishes after, Oreo has your back. The best Oreo flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth is a double-stuffed tiramisu filling sandwiched between the signature chocolate cookies.

This isn’t the first time Tiramisu Oreos have made the rounds, believe it or not. They’ve been a thing in Korea for a while (well, the thin version, anyway) and have only made their way to the States in the past year. They were first spotted by cookie enthusiast @CandyHunting on Instagram when they rolled out in 2020, and we fell head over heels at first bite.

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Tiramisu not your thing? No worries. Oreo also released a dark chocolate cookie dunked in fudge. Talk about a guilty pleasure!

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Just can’t get enough of that fluffy filling? Oreo Most Stuf cookies are guaranteed to satisfy.

Don’t Miss Out on All This Deliciousness

Tiramisu Oreos have already hit shelves at major retailers across the country. Keep an eye out on grocery delivery apps like Instacart to see if they’re available at a supermarket in your area, and add these to your order as soon as you see them. They’re easily the best Oreo flavor to date—well, until 2021 shows us up—so you’ll have to give them a try ASAP if you haven’t already. Keep in mind these guys are still technically limited-edition.

You can also get the Fudge Covered Dark Chocolate Oreos on Walmart’s website for pickup. We can’t think of anything better than dunking these guys and settling in for a good Netflix binge.

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