Cotton-Candy Oreos Are Coming Back—Here’s What You Need to Know

After almost a decade-long hiatus, this Oreo favorite is returning to stores for a limited time.

We’ve seen plenty of cotton candy-inspired products and recipes, some of which are certainly unexpected!

There have been Cotton Candy Dipped Cones from Dairy Queen, Cotton Candy Grape Juice from Walmart, cotton candy champagne and even cotton candy pickles! People seriously can’t get enough of all things cotton candy—something Oreo definitely understands, since it’s bringing back it’s Cotton Candy Oreo cookies!

After almost ten years, the cookies that will make you feel like you’re at a carnival are en route to store shelves. Here’s everything we know.

Why Are Cotton-Candy Oreos Coming Back?

Originally, these cookies debuted in April 2015 for a limited time. Now, before the official announcement of their return, Oreo teased fans with a sneak peek video of which flavor could be on its way back.

The video playfully hints at the flavor as it features the song “Cotton Candy Kisses,” with pink and blue colors in the background along with tweets from some of the cookie’s most devoted fans. In the Instagram caption, Oreo alludes to the reason this nostalgic flavor is making a comeback. “You asked… again, and again, and again. We listened,” the brand writes.

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What Are Cotton-Candy Oreos?

These cotton-candy-inspired Oreos combine the best of both worlds thanks to two seriously beloved desserts. The double-stuffed cookies have a classic golden Oreo base as well as some bright pink and blue cotton candy-flavored creme. With a treat this insanely sweet, it’s no wonder they’re making a comeback!

When Will Cotton Candy Oreos Make a Comeback?

Fans won’t have to continue “daydreaming of cotton candy skies & Limited Edition Cotton Candy OREO cookies,” for long, as Oreo writes on its social media pages. Beginning June 5, fans can pick up a package of these Oreos on store shelves nationwide.

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However, fans will want to run to stores fast, as the cookies are only available while supplies last! In the meantime, we’ll be snacking on these copycat carnival foods leading up to this unique cookie’s revival.

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