McDonald’s Just Brought Back the Oreo Frappé

Cookie and coffee lovers, unite!

After eight long years, a fan-favorite McDonald’s beverage is finally back on the menu: the Oreo Frappé! This delectable drink is a spin on the classic McDonald’s Mocha Frappé and boasts plenty of sweet deliciousness. Made from McDonald’s signature Mocha Frappé base, crushed ice, Cookies ‘N Cream syrup, whipped cream and plenty of Oreo pieces, it’s sure to satisfy cookie and coffee lovers alike. Here’s what you need to know about the beloved Oreo Frappé, including how to get it, its caffeine content and how you can order a copycat version at Starbucks.

Does McDonald’s Have the Oreo Frappé Now?

The Oreo Frappé officially hit menus across the country on May 17, 2023. It will be available for “a limited time this spring/summer” at participating McDonald’s restaurants. Promotional materials have been spotted from coast to coast, but it is “still unclear if [it] will be available at all McDonald’s locations.” The McDonald’s website suggests ordering one from their app or using mobile order and pay.

If you miss out on it for some reason, fans have already offered up a McDonald’s secret menu hack—order a Mocha Frappé and ask for Oreos to be blended in.

What Does the McDonald’s Oreo Frappe Taste Like?

The McDonald’s website specifically calls out the drink’s “rich chocolate flavor.” McDonald’s fans can also expect plenty of creaminess from the light white cream topping and a good amount of Oreo’s signature cookie crunch. [Writer’s note: I tried to test the Oreo Frappé myself but, in an ironic twist of fate, my local McDonald’s had been shut down by the Food Health and Safety department that morning.]

Does the McDonald’s Oreo Frappé Have Caffeine in It?

An iced coffee and french fries sit on a table in a McDonald's RestaurantScott Olson/Getty Images

Yes, the Oreo Frappé contains caffeine, though it’s difficult to say just how much. According to the McDonald’s website, the drink contains “a hint of coffee,” thanks to the company’s signature “Mocha Coffee Frappé Base.” However, McDonald’s does not disclose explicitly how much coffee is in that base.

How Do I Order an Oreo Frappé at Starbucks?

If you are one of the unfortunate souls whose local McDonald’s does not yet have the Oreo Frappé, many fast food aficionados are offering their tips to get one at Starbucks. While the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino is closest to an Oreo Frappé, not all Starbucks offer it. If yours doesn’t, try ordering a Cookies and Cream Frappuccino off their secret menu.

Alternatively, you can always satisfy that cookies and cream craving at home with some of our favorite Oreo recipes.

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