This New Oreo Flavor Is the “Most Oreo” Flavor There’s Been Yet

Updated: Jan. 27, 2023

The Most Oreo Oreo is here, so indulge your inner 7-year-old.

Toffee Crunch Oreos, Neopolitan Oreos, snickerdoodle Oreos—sure, those seem creative and all. But they can’t compete with The Most Oreo Oreo, aka, the dessert of my 7-year-old dreams. It’s not every day that a snack food decides to start professionally cranking out the totally bizarre cookie variation that you made as a bored grade-schooler, but today is that day.

The Most Oreo Oreo is coming, and it’s flashback time for those of us who carefully scraped the filling out of a bunch of Oreos, smashed it together into a skyscraper of filling and squashed it between two cookies. If I’d had these in my Bionic Woman lunchbox circa 1970-or-1980-whatever, I’d have ruled the school. It was one of my favorite Oreo secrets! I really should have majored in Oreo architecture, because what a rewarding career field.

It Really Is the “Most Oreo Oreo” Ever

Oreo designers (I really hope that is a job title) decided to do two things to create The Most Oreo Oreo. First, they took the standard Oreo creme filling, and mashed it up with Oreo cookie crumbs, making it all speckly and cookies-and-cream style.

Then, they just started piling on the filling. I’d say there’s the equivalent of three regular Oreos’ worth of filling in The Most Oreo Oreo cookie.

My editor asks: “Why would anyone want that much stuf, though?” To which I say: “Blasphemy! One can never have too much Oreo stuf. I won’t rest until the day the Oreo cookie shell pieces are made purely out of stuf, stacked and encompassing more stuff. Our world needs something to aspire to, and the Oreo to End All Oreos will one day happen. Come on, Oreo designers. Don’t hold back!”

Here’s What I Thought

What did I think? I thought it was perfect. The Oreo creme with the little crushed-up nuggets of Oreo cookie added was a delight, as the crumbles give the smooth, sweet creme filling just a little bite of crunchy texture. I’d pick this filling flavor over churro-cinnamon-caramel-sardine-coconut or banana-walnut-passionfruit-corn-brisket or whatever Oreo flavor fanatics have planned for us next.

And is this too much stuf crammed inside the cookie? Bite your tongue, ye Oreo naysayers. Never too much stuf. I challenge the Oreo chefs. Stuff an Oreo so fat with filling that it won’t fit in the package. Go on, do it! The world is your Oreo oyster.

I can’t resist taking one of the cookie layers off this ginormous Oreo before eating it, so I guess I’m in the “twist-lick-dunk” camp when it comes to how to eat an Oreo.

In fact, I decided to go crazy and double down. I twisted one cookie piece each off of two of The Most Oreo Oreos, and crammed the remainder together, doubling the already-tripled filling. It looks like an unholy abomination to some people, I realize, but other than the fact that I couldn’t really fit it in my mouth and had to kind of gnaw at the sides, I thought my mutant Oreo was a kid’s dream come true. A real More-eo. If you’re more conventional, though, you might consider using it for your favorite Oreo recipes. You know, like a regular person.

Where Can I Get the Most Oreo Oreo?

You won’t have to wait long. The Most Oreo Oreo cookies are already available for pre-sale on You should start to see packages for sale on grocery-store shelves starting Jan. 30, for a limited time only. Go ahead, indulge your inner 7-year-old.

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