Pepperidge Farm Has a New Cookie for the First Time in Over 10 YEARS

This new Pepperidge Farm cookie is just what to leave out for Santa this Christmas.

If you’ve had your eyes on food news lately, you’ll know everyone’s gearing up for Christmas. Hallmark got ahead of the seasonal trend with 40 all-new movies, and Reese’s is putting the sweetest gift under the tree with the return of their decadent cookie skillet kits.

To top it all off, Pepperidge Farm and the Rockettes teamed up to announce an all-new cookie, the first of its kind in more than a decade!

Here’s when to get yours—and why you need to add this Pepperidge Farm cookie to your holiday wish list.

Two Brands, One Super Sweet Treat

In honor of the iconic Rockettes’ number “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers,” Pepperidge Farm is rolling out a wooden soldier of their own. The new cinnamon brown sugar cookie is shaped like a toy soldier and is perfect for decorating. The cookie blends all the sweetness you crave during the holiday season with the classic crunch we love in a Pepperidge Farm cookie. Each package comes with a total of 18 cookies, which you can share with the Christmas crowd or just indulge in yourself. (We don’t judge.)

Your favorite new cookie comes from a partnership with the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes. The show begins on November 8 and runs all the way through January 5 at Radio City Music Hall. You can snag a bag of Cinnamon Brown Sugar Toy Soldiers to munch on while you get in the spirit of Christmas, though you may not want to bring it to the show.

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Where to Find Yours

Keep your eyes open at the grocery store this month, because Cinnamon Brown Sugar Toy Soldier cookies will be marching onto shelves now through the holiday season. You can pick up this Christmas-y cookie for only $3.89. Like the show, the new Pepperidge Farm cookie is around for a limited time only, so get your snack (and your tickets) ASAP!

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Of course, Pepperidge Farm is bringing back the rest of their holiday favorites, too. Candy Cane Milanos, Mint Brussels, Raspberry Linzers and buttery Chessmen will all be rejoining the roster. You can also enjoy a mix of nine delicious cookie varieties with the classic collection, which combines all your favorite Christmas treats. Pepperidge Farm’s holiday collection will be on shelves throughout the Christmas season, so don’t miss out.

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