Oreo Just Announced a Snickerdoodle Flavor That Will Be Here for the Holidays

Oreo Snickerdoodles are like the best part of your family's holiday cookie swap, all wrapped up in a crinkly package.

Like most people, you probably know how to make snickerdoodles. Think sugar cookies brought up a notch thanks to the generous addition of cinnamon. They’re a Christmas favorite for many bakers, and regularly traded at holiday cookie swaps.

Oreo, with its constant ability to whip up cozy, nostalgic tastes—like these delicious Pumpkin Spice Oreos—has done it once again. This time, they’re taking our favorite holiday swap cookie and making it an Oreo.

You can now munch on a Snickerdoodle Oreo for the holidays!

What Is a Snickerdoodle Oreo?

Oreo announced the latest flavor on Twitter, but if you were an eagle-eyed follower, you might have noticed it earlier. The brand threaded the new flavor into the words of eight tweets, before letting fans in on the secret on the morning of September 28.

So what does the latest flavor taste like? According to them, snickerdoodle Oreos are flavored like the classic snickerdoodle, with a cinnamon-flavored creme filling and red and green sugar crystals for accents. Talk about some serious Christmas vibes!

When Can I Get Snickerdoodle Oreos?

Nowhere yet, but they’re coming. Oreo announced that the new flavor will arrive in stores nationwide in October. It’s a limited-edition treat, so snap them up when you see them on the shelves, as they won’t be snicking their doodles forever.

And while we wait for the new Snickerdoodle Oreo, here are the secrets you’ve never heard about Oreos. Hey, don’t forget to pick up a pack of the returning Oreo Cakesters, too!

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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