Neapolitan Oreos Will Drop This Summer—and Each Cookie Has Three Flavors of Creme

Did somebody say "waffle cone-flavored cookie"?

Say nostalgia, and I’ll probably say Oreos. I have all kinds of sweet memories associated with this classic cookie—including catching my dad awake in the wee hours with Oreos and a mug of milk in hand!

Oreos is definitely cashing in on this nostalgia. They’ve already brought back Oreo Cakesters and even did a memorable mashup with Ritz and Oreo cookies. But now, they’re dropping something brand-new: Neapolitan Oreos! My childhood heart is so full of joy right now.

Neapolitan Oreos Means Three Flavors in One

It’s icon, a classic, an absolute favorite when it comes to all things ice cream. It’s Neapolitan! Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry layered together for one oh-so-satisfying bite. While some of us might lean more toward one flavor than the others (I’m a strawberry girl myself), it’s impossible not to take a little bit of each. Especially during the hot summer months.

Now our favorite sandwich cookie, Oreo, has officially dropped its new summer flavor, and we’re pumped. This could be the best flavor yet! Let’s start with the waffle cone-flavored cookies on the outside. Um, yes please? The subtle sweetness and crunch of waffle cones are totally tasty and a must-have for all things ice cream.

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But then there’s the creme filling. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are coming together like never before. You can expect a fluffy, delicious triple-layered creme in the middle of each Oreo. You get all the flavors in every bite! Plus, it’s super pretty to look at. Talk about ridiculously photogenic.

When Can I Get ‘Em?

This is a limited-edition Oreo flavor that will officially hit shelves nationwide in July 2022. Yes, that’s right around the corner! I want to say I’ll have some sort of willpower and not buy every package I see…but I can’t promise.

Either way, I just know this summer will be three times as delicious as the last. Make sure you get yours while supplies last, and don’t forget to eat your Oreos the right way.

Melany Love
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