There Will Be Two Brand-New Oreos in 2022, and One Has Three Layers of Creme

This is breaking Oreo news!

If Oreos with one layer of creme are good, how much better is an Oreo with three layers of creme? The world is about to find out, and we don’t have to wait much longer. Oreo teased the release on Twitter, then revealed that two new Oreos are coming on January 3. If you like chocolate and/or toffee, then 2022 is going to be your year!

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New Oreos #1: Ultimate Chocolate

New Oreos Ultimate Chocolate PackageCourtesy Nabisco

Someone on the Oreo assembly line went a little bit over the top with the new limited-edition Ultimate Chocolate cookie and just kept piling on the layers of creme filling. Oreo calls this one a “chocolate lover’s dream,” and it’s hard to argue once you see the three separate layers of white, milk and dark chocolate creme all stacked on top of one another. Is there a right way to eat this Oreo?!

The Big Mac of Oreo hits shelves nationwide on January 3, 2022, but it’s a limited-edition flavor. Be sure to grab a package when you see one, because Ultimate Chocolate Oreos will only be available while supplies last.

New Oreos #2: Toffee Crunch

New Oreos Toffee Crunch PackageCourtesy Nabisco

Love the sugary bite of toffee? The new Toffee Crunch Oreos will join the Ultimate Chocolate Oreo with a January 3 debut. These treats will feature Oreo cookies filled with toffee-flavored creme dotted with sugar crystals, all combining for what Oreo is calling a “perfect cookie crunch.” And unlike the Ultimate Chocolate Oreo cookies, this toffee treat won’t be temporary—it’s a permanent addition to the Oreo family.

P.S. Don’t forget! The return of Oreo Cakesters is also happening in 2022. Plus, don’t miss out on a new oreo of 2023: the most oreo oreo.

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