Ham Soup Recipes

Pork pairs well with other ingredients, especially for these ham soup recipes, including corn chowder, ham and bean soup, ham and potato soup, sausage soup, ham and lentil soup, ham and split pea soup, ham chowder and more.

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    Pressure-Cooker English Pub Split Pea Soup

    2 reviews

    This family favorite is the same recipe my grandmother used. Now with the magic of today's appliances, I can spend 15 minutes putting it together, walk away for a bit and then it's "soup's on!" Finish it with more milk if you like your soup a bit thinner. —Judy Batson, Tampa, Florida

    42 Hearty Soup Recipes That Satisfy Meat Lovers

    From classic split pea and ham to cheesy bacon cheeseburger, these hearty soup recipes are filled to the brim with...

    28 Heartwarming Ham Soup Recipes

    Whether you're making a creamy chowder or a brothy soup packed with vegetables, these ham recipes will delight.

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    Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup

    9 reviews

    This is a wonderful addition to potlucks, and it comes together so easily! Cauliflower makes a nice, extra creamy backdrop...

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    Hearty Navy Bean Soup

    36 reviews

    My family loves navy bean soup! Beans were a commodity you did not survive without in the '30s. This excellent...

    Ham Cauliflower Chowder

    1 review

    I came up with this recipe myself when I had a ham hock and wanted to make something other than...

    Slow-Cooker Cordon Bleu Soup

    6 reviews

    I've taken this creamy slow-cooker soup to potlucks and teacher luncheons, and I bring home an empty crock every time....

    Black Bean Soup

    3 reviews

    I know you'll come to really on this recipe like I have. It's loaded with beans, meat and flavor for...

    Ham Cheddar Chowder

    7 reviews

    Living in Wisconsin, I like to make dishes featuring cheese, and this chowder is one of my favorites. It makes...

    Slow-Cooker Pea Soup

    34 reviews

    This slow cooker soup is one of my favorite meals to make during a busy workweek. When I get home...

    Green Bean Soup

    1 review

    This soup has been passed down for generations beginning with my great-grandmother. I make it often, especially when I can...

    Creamed Cabbage Soup

    9 reviews

    Although we live in town, we have a big garden. I love planting flowers and vegetables and watching them grow....

    Ham and Black Bean Soup

    7 reviews

    I originally made this slightly spicy soup for my husband, who enjoys black beans. But I ended up loving it,...

    Ham ‘n’ Chickpea Soup

    5 reviews

    Chock-full of ham, vegetables, chickpeas and orzo, this hearty soup is loaded with good-for-you flavor. Linda Arnold sends the recipe...

    Confetti Chowder

    2 reviews

    Grandma's philosophy was, "Add a little color to your food, and folks will eat up a storm!" This delightful golden...

    Ham, Bean and Potato Soup

    12 reviews

    When I was a cook in a restaurant years ago, this was our best-selling soup. One taste and your family...

    Slow-Cooked Minestrone Soup

    2 reviews

    When this colorful minestrone has about 30 minutes left to cook, I add the macaroni. Then there's time to make...

    Ham and Corn Chowder

    18 reviews

    My mother is an excellent cook who rarely follows a recipe exactly. My two sisters and I do the same...

    Ham and Chicken Gumbo

    I've always enjoyed spending time in the kitchen and worked as a home economist for a utility company in the...

    Cheesy Ham & Corn Chowder

    12 reviews

    When the day calls for a warm bowl of chunky soup, we make a big pot of the goods—potatoes, corn,...

    Ham & Cheese Chowder

    4 reviews

    Chowder makes chilly days instantly cozier. This easy one, with cheddar, potatoes and smoky ham, warms you up from head...

    Spicy Split Pea Soup

    2 reviews

    I like to bake a ham just so I can use the leftover bone to make my split pea soup....

    Neighborhood Bean Soup

    44 reviews

    Even though I'm single, I make multiple servings of everything. Actually, this tendency has helped me to get to know...

    Ham and Vegetable Soup

    3 reviews

    The basis for this soup's broth conveniently comes from canned bean soup. Everyone who tries this comments on how nicely...

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    Home-Style Black-Eyed Pea Soup

    4 reviews

    This colorful hearty soup makes a good starter or main course. With a salad on the side, it's a light...

    Jamaican Ham and Bean Soup

    9 reviews

    "Island vacation in a bowl” might be the best way to describe this hearty soup. A splash of lime juice...

    Cheesy Ham ‘n’ Rice Soup

    8 reviews

    Here's a real gem! After tasting a similar soup at a popular restaurant in the Twin Cities, I came up...

    Ham, Potato and Pepper Chowder

    2 reviews

    I have been serving this chowder for years now. When I’m feeding family members who don’t eat dairy products, I...

    Creamy Wild Rice Soup with Ham

    4 reviews

    Angie Schramm from Yankton, South Dakota makes this comforting soup year-round...and after a few spoonfuls, you'll likely do the same....

    Ham and Lentil Soup

    12 reviews

    This lentil soup with ham is a combination of two soup recipes I came across and adapted. I often serve...