Bisque Recipes

If you’re searching for a smooth, creamy bisque recipe, you’re in the right place. We’ll show you delicious ways to make seafood bisque, tomato bisque and more.

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    Seafood Bisque

    11 reviews

    We live on the Gulf Coast, where fresh seafood is plentiful. I adapted several recipes to come up with this rich bisque recipe. It's great as a first course or an entree, and it can be made with just shrimp or crabmeat. —Pat Edwards, Dauphin Island, Alabama

    Lobster Bisque

    My grandmother would make lobster bisque all the time, so it's always been a comforting recipe to me. If you...

    What Is Bisque, Anyway?

    Don't let the fancy French name scare you, because bisque is as simple as it is delicious.

    Our Best Bisque Recipes

    Smooth, simple and creamy—just how a bisque should be.

    Easy Spinach Bisque

    5 reviews

    Not only is this soup healthy and filling, it's easy to prepare and elegant besides.—Patricia Tuckwiller, Lewisburg, West Virginia

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    Butternut Bisque

    8 reviews

    A delicious dinner is even more memorable when I start with this butternut squash bisque. It has a bit zip...

    Golden Squash Soup

    12 reviews

    This special recipe from my mother-in-law is one that I enjoy making as part of our fall meals. The soup...

    Curried Acorn Squash Soup

    14 reviews

    Here is an easy acorn squash soup that highlights the sweet flavor of the squash. The curry powder gives it...

    Butternut Squash Bisque

    4 reviews

    This butternut squash bisque is a great way to get folks to eat veggies. They only know how wonderful it...

    Harvest Sweet Potato Soup

    6 reviews

    I always double this recipe whenever I prepare it, since we love leftovers. This is the easiest soup I've ever...

    Vegetable Carrot Soup

    4 reviews

    This blended soup is loaded with vegetables, so it's delicious as well as good for you. Plus, its beautiful golden...

    Curried Leek Soup

    3 reviews

    New England is known for its hearty soups. I like to experiment with recipes (luckily I have a wife who...

    Pear Squash Bisque with Cinnamon Cream

    4 reviews

    This lightly sweet and fruity squash soup makes a lovely first course for Thanksgiving. The texture is creamy and smooth....

    Garlicky Cheddar Cheese Bisque

    5 reviews

    I came up with a cheddar cheese soup a while ago and decided to give it a boost with a...

    Garlic Fennel Bisque

    I usually serve this in the spring as a wonderful side. The fennel in this bisque is so refreshing.—Janet Ondrich,...

    Tomato Bisque

    3 reviews

    This bisque is perfect for the cool weather. I love to serve it with a slice of homemade bread.—Mrs. B.B....

    Sweet Potato and Pear Soup

    2 reviews

    I’m a family physician who loves to try new recipes. This tasty cold-weather soup has garnered many warm compliments from...

    Curried Squash Soup

    2 reviews

    Cayenne pepper gives a little kick to bowls of this pretty golden soup, a first course that everyone seems to...

    Creamy Tomato Bisque

    7 reviews

    This rich, creamy bisque has a wonderful old-fashioned makes a nice accompaniment to any meal.

    Zucchini Bisque

    4 reviews

    I like to serve this soup as a first course for special dinners. It is nice and light, pretty in...

    Chicken Bisque

    1 review

    When the weather starts turning cooler, we like to sit down to dinner with this colorful rich bisque. Add hot...

    Spinach Bisque

    1 review

    When my grandchildren were only 3 years old, they tried this "yummy" soup at a local restaurant and fell in...

    Nutmeg Zucchini Bisque

    6 reviews

    Looking for a different way to serve a bounty of zucchini? Try this soup sent in by Germaine Stank of...

    East Coast Tomato Soup

    1 review

    I put the elements of two recipes together to come up with this tasty seafood soup. I'm not always able...

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    Asparagus Soup with Lemon Creme Fraiche

    A fresh and easy asparagus soup, pureed until it's smooth, is a definite winner. Serve it warm or chilled depending...

    Gingered Pumpkin Bisque

    11 reviews

    Every spoonful of this pretty pumpkin soup hints of autumn. Serve it as the first course at your special, sit-down...

    Pumpkin Soup

    30 reviews

    While it looks elegant and is an appealing addition to a holiday meal, this creamy soup is so simple to...

    Winter Squash Soup

    7 reviews

    I enjoy trying new recipes and adding different seasonings to enhance the flavor. This is a tasty way to serve...

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    Orzo Chicken Soup

    2 reviews

    For a different twist on noodle soup, Betty Rench adds orzo, small rice-like grains of pasta. "It cooks up nicely...

    Mushroom Bisque

    3 reviews

    The subtle taste of parsley comes through in this rich, creamy broth. It has great flavor, plus it's so easy.—Emily...