Custard Recipes

Our creamy custard recipes will not disappoint. Whip up one of our classic custard recipes or save a slice of one of our frozen custard recipes for later.

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    This Viral Video Shows You How to Make a “Crème Brûléegle”, AKA a Creme Bru...

    Because who doesn't want to play around with a kitchen torch?

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    The Best Pecan Pie

    9 reviews

    Pecan pie is a Thanksgiving tradition in my house, and I was on a quest to create the ultimate version....

    Creamy Corn Custard

    I’ve been making this all summer long and when I serve it to guests I try to make them guess...

    Pumpkin Spice Custard

    Here's a traditional slow-cooker pumpkin spice custard with some espresso powder for a latte effect. —Shelly Bevington, Hermiston, Oregon

    Lemon Mango Kanafeh

    1 review

    Several years ago I came upon a little neighborhood restaurant making the most incredible Turkish food I'd ever seen or...

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    Maple-Apple Clafoutis

    5 reviews

    This fruit pudding could not be easier to make! A traditional comfort food in France, clafoutis is often made with...

    Grandma’s Best Old-Fashioned Pudding, Custard and Mousse Recipes

    Silky, spoonable and timelessly tasty, these treats are sure to hit the sweet spot!

    Slow-Cooker Chocolate Pots de Creme

    3 reviews

    Lunch on the go just got a whole lot sweeter. Tuck the jars of rich chocolate custard into lunch bags...

    Boston Cream Pie with Chocolate Glaze

    7 reviews

    Yellow cake mix and vanilla pudding mix help create this classic dessert in no time. A rich chocolate glaze provides...

    Raisin Custard Pie

    2 reviews

    A comforting, old-fashioned dessert, this custard pie is one of my mom's best. The fluffy meringue makes it look so...

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    Peanut Butter Custard Blast

    43 reviews

    "Ooey, gooey, great!" is how friends and family describe this chocolate-peanut butter dessert. I appreciate the make-ahead convenience. —Marilee Evenson,...

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    S’mores Creme Brulee

    1 review

    A big bite into a scrumptious s’more brings back sweet campfire memories. This fancy take on the classic treat is...

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    Caramel Creme Brulee

    5 reviews

    This recipe comes out perfect every time and it's always a crowd-pleaser! A torch works best to get the sugar...

    Pumpkin Pie Custard

    8 reviews

    Instead of pumpkin pie, try this flavorful light holiday dessert. My husband’s aunt shared the recipe after she brought this...

    Lemon Creme Brulee

    1 review

    After being disappointed in this recipe the first time I tried it, I experimented. When I felt it was fit...

    Warm Banana Pudding

    1 review

    I've enjoyed my mother's pudding for as long as I can remember. She and I revised it, using a sugar...

    Blackberry Custard Torte

    6 reviews

    Says Ann Fox of Austin, Texas, "Blackberries are my husband's favorite fruit, so I make this outstanding dessert especially for...

    Cranberry-Kissed Chocolate Silk

    1 review

    I combined fresh cranberry salad with the rich custard known as pots de crème, and the result is ever so...

    Meringue Snowballs In Custard

    4 reviews

    My family has passed down this elegant dessert generation by generation. It started with my Russian great-grandmother, who traveled to...

    Coconut Custard

    My family always thought baked custard was a treat...and I especially like this coconut custard version. —Ruth Peterson, Jenison, Michigan

    Lemon Snow Pudding

    2 reviews

    My mother first served this light and refreshing snow pudding at a dinner for my brother, his new bride and...

    Eggnog Tiramisu Trifle

    Rich and absolutely fabulous—my family's five-star dessert is simply an opulent presentation that is almost too good to eat. You'll...

    Vanilla Custard Cups

    9 reviews

    When I was living with my mother, she loved custard,, so I'd make this comforting dessert each week. Without leftovers,...

    Pomegranate Creme Brulee

    Creme brulee is a decadent, elegant dessert that I reserve for the holidays and special occasions. This version features the...

    Berries with Champagne Cream

    6 reviews

    This recipe came from a cooking class I attended at a local department store. I first served it to my...

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    Rice Pudding

    6 reviews

    For an old-fashioned sweet treat just like Grandma used to make, try this slow-cooker rice pudding. It has a rich...

    Pressure-Cooker Flan in a Jar

    2 reviews

    Spoil yourself or the people you love with these delightful portable custards—a cute and fun take on the

    Cranberry Creme Brulee

    2 reviews

    Dress up classic creme brulee with an easy-to-make cranberry sauce. The sweet-tart sauce compliments the rich, creamy custard. —Taste of...

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    Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pudding

    11 reviews

    One of the nice things about this easy pudding is you don't have to stand and stir it. It's a...

    Lemon Custard Cake

    6 reviews

    This custard cake recipe comes from my grandma— it's nice to whip up when unexpected company stops in. It's a...

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    Mixed Berry Shortcake

    This strawberry blueberry shortcake recipe looks so pretty served in parfait glasses. Sweet berries and a cool custard sauce are...