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Favorite Banana Cream Pie

This homemade banana cream pie recipe is my mom’s specialty, and this dreamy dessert has a wonderful banana flavor. It looks so pretty, and it cuts easily, too. —Jodi Grable, Springfield, Missouri
  • Total Time
    Prep: 10 min. Cook: 15 min. + chilling
  • Makes
    8 servings


  • Pastry for single-crust pie
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3 cups 2% milk
  • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 large firm bananas
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream, whipped


  • On a lightly floured surface, roll dough to a 1/8-in.-thick circle; transfer to a 9-in. pie plate. Trim to 1/2 in. beyond rim of plate; flute edge. Refrigerate 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 425°. Line crust with a double thickness of foil. Fill with pie weights, dried beans or uncooked rice. Bake on a lower oven rack until edges are golden brown, 20-25 minutes. Remove foil and weights; bake until bottom is golden brown, 3-6 minutes longer. Cool on a wire rack.
  • In a large saucepan, combine sugar, cornstarch, salt and milk until smooth. Cook and stir over medium-high heat until thickened and bubbly. Reduce heat; cook and stir 2 minutes longer. Remove from heat. Stir a small amount of hot filling into eggs; return all to pan. Bring to a gentle boil; cook and stir 2 minutes longer.
  • Remove from heat. Gently stir in butter and vanilla. Press plastic wrap onto surface of custard; refrigerate, covered, 30 minutes.
  • Spread half of the custard into crust. Slice bananas; arrange over filling. Pour remaining custard over bananas. Spread with whipped cream. Refrigerate 6 hours or overnight.

Favorite Banana Cream Pie Tips

Does banana cream pie need to be refrigerated?

Yes, banana cream pie needs to be refrigerated. Cream pies contain egg and dairy ingredients, so they must be refrigerated. This is both for food safety reasons and to retain their shape, texture and consistency—plus that cool, creamy flavor that makes them special.

How do you make pie crust from scratch?

Don’t be daunted by pie crust! Follow our instructions on how to make a flaky, tender pie crust. It'll make your banana cream pie even more delicious.

My banana cream pie is runny. What happened?

Runny banana cream pie usually results when the custard, or pudding, in the filling is not cooked until it is thick enough. As the recipe states, once it reaches a “thick and bubbly” stage while cooking, it is important to continue to cook and stir the mixture for 2 minutes longer. Your pudding should reach a point where, if you coat the back of your spoon with a thin layer and draw a line through it with your finger, a clear path should remain and not fill in.

How long will banana cream pie last?

Banana cream pie will keep for 3-4 days, stored in the refrigerator and covered loosely with foil or plastic wrap. For more pie tips, check out our ultimate guide to pie.
Nutrition Facts
1 piece: 521 calories, 30g fat (18g saturated fat), 129mg cholesterol, 406mg sodium, 57g carbohydrate (35g sugars, 1g fiber), 8g protein.


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  • Joselyn
    May 10, 2020

    Although this is a great recipe for great flavors... it’s not a great recipe for consistency. As I was following the steps specifically #2, you failed to mention to slowly stream in the milk 1st

  • Helene
    Apr 26, 2020

    I've never attempted banana cream pie but I made this recipe and it was marvelous. I'm not a great baker, so rather than a pastry pie crust, I made a graham cracker crust. For the filling, since I didn't have 2% milk I used half 1% and half condensed (not sweetened condensed). Lastly, I halved all of the ingredients because I typically make recipes for two so my pans are on the small side. I'm so proud of myself and thank you Taste of Home for this great recipe.

  • Zack
    Feb 23, 2020

    Hello, I made this recipe and the thing that happened to me already was the watery texture that my pie filling turned in to. I was cooking over the stove and did everything perfectly by maybe my mix was too bubbly. Next, I added the vanilla and butter right after I cooked my creme, which after watching the video I saw that happened after the creme was in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. I was just wondering if putting the butter and vanilla in at the wrong time was the problematic action that lead to my creme to be so watery or something else I could have done but besides the vanilla and butter stage, the execution seemed perfect. Thank you for your time and I love all your other recipes.

  • Renee
    Feb 12, 2020

    While I have not made this pie yet I look forward to doing so. Just a couple of comments though. Yes it does say to use a 9 inch pie crust and as far as leaving out several steps, as long as it gets the job done and it tastes great who cares . I'm sure you are one of those people who use those 7 words I hate the most. "That's the way we've always done it". Guess we should still be cooking over an open fire. What have you got to lose by trying it. Looks great to me. Let you know.

  • Libby
    Aug 31, 2019

    I have made banana cream pies and deep dish banana cream pies and they both depend on the amount of time after adding all the in ingredients to make the pastry filling. I cook it until it is very thick and you do have to wait and be patient with the process. It will burn on the bottom if you up the stove temperature. It must be done slowly. I use pillsbury pie crust. Make sure the bottom is cooked otherwise it will be uncooked. I do add a layer of bananas first, then half the pastry cream then another layer of banana and then the last of the pastry cream. It has to cool in the refrigerator for at least 6-8 hours. Put a little lemon juice, just a little, to sprinkle over the bananas to keep from during brown. It’s not a recipe for people in a hurry. That goes for all cream pies.

  • PenelopeWin
    Aug 28, 2019

    I usually use a graham cracker crust and pudding to make my banana cream pie and wanted to try one from scratch. This was easy and absolutely delicious. The pie was a hit. The custard was so delicious I was eating it out of the pan. My son liked it so much he asked if he could have some for breakfast because it had bananas in it. I let him this one time. I will make this again and again.

  • suefalk
    Jul 4, 2019

    A delicious cream pie for sure, but too sweet for me. I'm adjusting my notes to use 1/2 cup sugar.

  • Rhonda
    Jun 16, 2019

    It states to use a 9" pie plate, so that's the size of crust. Although a pie dough crust is shown, I have not seen this pie on a buffet in anything other than a graham cracker crust. My step-grandmother loved using a coconut crust for hers.

  • lopezgirl
    Jun 16, 2019

    My husband LOVES this pie rates it a ten. Said it was the best he has ever eaten.

  • Rick
    Jun 14, 2019

    You took a recipie with several important steps and tried to break it down into few steps. This has been the most ridiculous waste of time I have found on internet recipes ! You would be doing a good job if you were thorough. I’ll stay away from this website for a while.