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Upgrade your snack situation with homemade cracker recipes to share with your favorite spreads.

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    Caviar Is Becoming the Next Big Snack—And We’re Intrigued

    Once considered a luxury food item, caviar is now casually served on chips for decadent snacking

    This Map Shows the Most Popular Chips and Dip in Every State

    This is all the info I need to throw a party.

    How to Make Baked Chips

    Skip the store-bought potato chips and make these better-for-you baked chips at home!

    How to Make Dill Pickle Potato Chips

    You won't be able to stop eating these salty, tangy and crunchy homemade dill pickle potato chips.

    Vegan Gluten-Free Graham Crackers

    One thing I missed the most when I had to go gluten-free was graham crackers. Not only that, but I...

    Air-Fryer Kale Chips

    Harvesttime means big bunches of kale from local farmers. These crunchy air-fryer kale chips are delicious, super healthy and easy...

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    Zesty Citrus Snack Mix

    This snack mix combines two of my favorite snacks (pita chips and roasted garbanzo beans) with nuts, pretzels and a...

    Honey-Kissed Savory Shortbread Crackers

    It may seem like a lot of work to make homemade crackers. However, after you’ve tasted these sweet and savory...

    Homemade Tortilla Chips

    1 review

    I make these homemade tortilla chips to serve with roasted tomatillo salsa. They have a little heat from the chipotle....

    Parmesan Walnuts

    I love this Parmesan walnuts recipe because it's quick, easy and an alternative to high-calorie croutons. You can also make...

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    Easy Puppy Chow

    2 reviews

    This easy puppy chow recipe uses a whole package of cereal, so there's less messy measuring. And it makes enough...

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    Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Snack Mix

    I love chocolate-covered strawberries, but that's a treat you want to make only on special occasions. With a little experimenting,...

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    Air-Fryer Potato Chips

    7 reviews

    For Christmas one year, I received an air fryer. Potato chips are simple to make in it and are an...

    Savory Cracker Snack Mix

    9 reviews

    A Taste of Home recipe inspired this one! Because I love everything bagel seasoning, I decided to give this...

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    Red, White and Blue Crunch Mix

    My colorful snack mix makes a festive treat for a large group or potluck or even to bring as a...

    Caramel Chex Mix

    2 reviews

    This wonderfully crunchy snack is loaded with cereal, pretzels and nuts—and coated with a not-too-sweet brown sugar mixture. Package this...

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    Nutty Slow-Cooker Snack Mix

    My three boys inhale snacks! This easy recipe makes a big batch that keeps them snacking happily for the day—and...

    Parmesan-Pretzel Crisps

    2 reviews

    I love this recipe because I usually have the ingredients on hand and it is so easy to prepare. It's...

    Pizza Oyster Crackers

    4 reviews

    This quick and easy snack is a favorite of my kids. I always include a baggie in their lunch boxes....

    Reindeer Snack Mix

    6 reviews

    Rudolph and his pals will be dashing, dancing and prancing to gobble up this savory snack mix. Humans also will...

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    Sweet Snack Mix

    Tempt your troops with a twist on caramel corn, sent by Dee Georgiou of Omaha, Nebraska. "When I set out...


    4 reviews

    These crispy, chewy treats pack lots of peanut flavor. They're our favorite travel snack. I always make a double batch...

    Honeycomb Goodies

    2 reviews

    This snack has a sweet peanutty flavor that makes it a satisfying treat for kids of all ages.—Opal Blackmar, Rockford,...

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    Movie Night Munchie Mix

    Why not enjoy concession-style snacks at home? I took some of my favorites and combined them to make a sweet...

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    Chesapeake Snack Mix

    Plain pretzels pale in comparison to this jazzy concoction that microwaves in moments. Pack a pouch to go for an...

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    Homemade Potato Chips

    13 reviews

    Forget buying a bag of potato chips at the grocery store when you can make these at home. This quick...

    Old Bay Crispy Kale Chips

    1 review

    Here in East Hampton, NY, harvest time means big bunches of kale from local growers. These crunchy kale chips are...

    Nuts and Bolts

    2 reviews

    When I was a child, we made buckets of this mix for our family and friends each Christmas. These days...

    Cheddar-Pecan Crisps

    10 reviews

    Lots of holiday treats are sweet. For a change of pace, I fill goodie bags with my cheese crackers. The...

    Confetti Snack Mix

    2 reviews

    I've made this party mix for many years, and I usually double the recipe. It makes a delightful gift, and...

    Homemade Trail Mix

    2 reviews

    Prepackaged trail mix doesn't compare to this fun homemade variety of dried fruit, nuts, cereal and chocolate chips.—Michael Vyskocil, Glen...