This Map Shows the Most Popular Chips and Dip in Every State

This is all the info I need to throw a party.

You must have chips and dip on the table for a get-together. This classic combo seems like it’s been around forever, but didn’t gain its current popularity until the 1950s. That’s when Lipton started advertising a French onion dip recipe, and the rest is history. I can attest to this—my mom’s go-to snack for as long as I can remember has always been French onion dip and Lay’s potato chips.

Now thanks to Shane Co., we’ve got the info on the most popular chips throughout the States. Here’s what the research says!

What Are the Most Popular Chips?

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To find the most popular chips, Shane Co. analyzed interest in 17 different chip brands on Google Trends. Here’s what they found:

  1. Pringles (13 states)
  2. Tostitos (8 states)
  3. Lay’s (8 states)
  4. Popchips (4 states)
  5. Sun Chips (4 states)

I’m kind of surprised that Pringles took the lead with its signature tube, since they aren’t technically even potato chips. Tostitos and Lay’s made the top three as expected. I mean, Lay’s is one of the best potato chips ever, and Tostitos are Test Kitchen-approved as some of the best tortilla chips. It makes sense! Some outliers include Texas with Takis, Florida with Miss Vickie’s and Louisiana with Zapp’s. But, as you know, some of these brands are popular due to their region of origin. If I were in Louisiana, I’d be eating Zapp’s Voodoo chips all day, every day.

The oddest chip of choice has to be Hawaii with Bugles. Maybe they’re big fans of sticking Bugles on their fingers and pretending to be witches. Either way, Hawaiians are love the horn-shaped corn chip.

What’s the Most Popular Dip?

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Shane Co. also took the top 13 most popular dips and ranked them by most searched. Here are the top five:

  1. Guacamole (15 states)
  2. Queso (6 states)
  3. Hummus (6 states)
  4. Spinach & Artichoke Dip (5 states)
  5. 7-Layer Bean Dip (4 states)

While I’m not surprised that guacamole steamrolled the competition, I am surprised that pico de gallo didn’t rake in more wins. Only New Mexico and New York claimed pico as its favorite. Kentucky and Wisconsin steered from the group by picking beer cheese dip as their favorite—a surprise to no one. Vermont and South Dakota made my mother proud for choosing the classic French onion dip. And last, but not least, Connecticut chose blue cheese dip as their favorite. To each their own!

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