Chicken Pot Pie Recipes

We have the best chicken pot pie recipes from real cooks like you, featuring reviews, ratings, how-to videos and pie crust tips.

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    Favorite Chicken Potpie

    8 reviews

    Chock-full of chicken, potatoes, peas and corn, this chicken potpie recipe makes two golden pies, so you can serve one at supper and save the other for a busy night. —Karen Johnson, Bakersfield, California

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    Our Best Chicken Potpie Recipes

    How good is a steaming serving of potpie on a cold winter evening? Warm up with these classic recipes, plus...

    Gluten-Free Chicken Potpie

    This gluten-free chicken potpie recipe is just as comforting as the classic! The filling is creamy and has a lovely...

    Chicken Biscuit Skillet

    10 reviews

    My mother always made this when we were growing up. Now I make it for my own husband and kids....

    Curry Chicken Popover Pie

    My cast-iron skillet is one of my favorite pans to use for cooking. This flavorful curry chicken potpie has Indian...

    Grandma’s Coziest Potpies

    Grandma knew the secret to a cozy meal was a hot, bubbly, golden potpie. Here's our list of keepers, including...

    Mile-High Chicken Potpie

    6 reviews

    Classic chicken potpie gets extra homey when it's loaded with a creamy filling and baked tall in a springform pan....

    Muffin-Tin Chicken Potpies

    3 reviews

    I made these personalized chicken pot pies in muffin tins for my kids, and they gobbled them up. For the...

    Old-Fashioned Chicken Potpie

    14 reviews

    Although this uses leftover chicken, I serve it sometimes as a special company dinner. Actually, my husband may enjoy it...

    Chicken & Sweet Potato Potpie

    3 reviews

    Chicken potpie is a top 10 comfort food for me. To save time, we use ready-made phyllo dough and rotisserie...

    Lattice Chicken Potpie

    16 reviews

    My sister shared this great recipe with me. Because it features all four food groups, it's the only dish you...

    Leatherface Potpie

    1 review

    This may look beastly, but it's big-time comfort food. Fresh rosemary makes the pretend stitches on the potpie's surface.

    Love You Potpies

    11 reviews

    With its golden brown crust and scrumptious filling, these comforting potpies will warm you down to your toes. They're the...

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    Chicken Potpie Casserole

    38 reviews

    I always have leftover chicken broth on hand and use it for many things, including this comforting family favorite. You...

    Savory Chicken Potpie

    12 reviews

    Here is from-scratch comfort food at its finest. The pies might take a while to prepare, but the chunky chicken...

    Cheddary Chicken Potpie

    8 reviews

    This is comforting chicken dish that features a medley of flavorful cheeses. Some days I make it in the morning...

    Easy Potpie

    3 reviews

    The first time you make this recipe, you'll understand how it got its name. Just about as fast as you...

    Individual Chicken Potpies

    4 reviews

    These little pies look so appetizing with their paprika-sprinkled crust and colorful veggies in a saucy filling. Always well-received by...

    Chicken Pot Pies for Two

    3 reviews

    From Jamestown, New York, Shirlea Ann Roman sends these cute individual potpies. The chicken, gravy and tender biscuit offer hearty...

    Chicken Potpies

    3 reviews

    My mother made these tasty potpies for Sunday supper for many years. They are easy to prepare and are perfect...

    Special Chicken Potpie

    1 review

    Marcy Schewe of Danube, Minnesota relates, "This potpie topped with homemade biscuits is oh-so-comforting. It's a real family favorite."

    Deep-Dish Chicken Potpie

    4 reviews

    I remember Sunday dinners at my grandma's farm. Chicken potpie was probably second in popularity only to chicken and dumplings....

    Chicken Flowerpot Pie

    1 review

    I host a "welcome spring" luncheon for friends every year. I try to do something different and creative each time.—Mary...

    Phyllo Chicken Potpie

    8 reviews

    Ribbons of buttery phyllo dough provide a crispy topping for this impressive entree. Pearl onions, mushrooms, asparagus and chicken are...

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    Easy Chicken Potpie

    20 reviews

    In Omaha, Nebraska, Martha Evans relies on a baking mix, canned soup and frozen vegetables for her spirit-warming favorite. “I...

    Easy Cheddar Chicken Potpie

    9 reviews

    My kids love chicken potpie, and I really like that this is so quick and easy to put together with...

    Chicken Biscuit Potpie

    21 reviews

    This hearty chicken potpie recipe with biscuits takes just 10 minutes to assemble before you can pop it in the...

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    Chicken Potpie Galette with Cheddar-Thyme Crust

    12 reviews

    This gorgeous galette takes traditional chicken potpie and gives it a fun open-faced spin. The rich filling and flaky cheddar-flecked...

    Chicken in Every Pot Pie

    8 reviews

    I created a new title for my mom's pot pie recipe while trying to come up with a clever menu...

    Chicken Potpie

    12 reviews

    Chicken potpie was a favorite childhood food, but my mother never wrote the recipe down. After some trial and error,...