Turnover Recipes

There’s nothing like a classic turnover recipe to start the morning right. Try our flaky takes on apple and cherry turnovers as well as plenty more renditions.

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Air-Fryer Beef Turnovers

My mom's recipe for these flavorful pockets called for dough made from scratch, but I streamlined it by using refrigerated crescent rolls and an air fryer. My children love the turnovers plain or dipped in ketchup. They're also great with mustard.—Claudia Bodeker, Ash Flat, Arkansas

Shrimp Puff Pastry Triangles

1 review

Shrimp de Jonghe was invented in Chicago. It is usually baked and served in a casserole dish, but my version...

Cheesecake Rolls

1 review

These easy, flaky cheesecake rolls are filled with cream cheese, frozen fruit and honey! Any frozen berry can be used...

Air-Fryer Spinach Feta Turnovers

1 review

These quick and easy turnovers are one of my wife's favorite entrees. The refrigerated pizza dough makes preparation a snap!...

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Air Fryer Ham and Cheese Turnovers

I adore the combo of pears, blue cheese and walnuts in a salad, so I turned them into this ham...

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Spinach & Turkey Turnovers

Never toss anything from a fancy meal when you can make turnovers using the turkey, gravy and cranberries. We serve...

Sausage Spinach Turnovers

5 reviews

One Christmas, I gave these tasty meat pies to our neighbors as gifts instead of sweets—they loved them! The handheld...

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Pear, Ham & Cheese Pastry Pockets

I came up with this simple recipe one night for a quick dinner. It's perfect with a cup of soup...

After-Christmas Empanadas

1 review

Turn your leftovers into tasty empanadas using refrigerated pie pastry. We make these savory pastries and freeze them for a...

Savory Pork Turnovers

2 reviews

Apples, potatoes, ground pork and seasonings tucked inside flaky golden pastry never fail to win praise from my family at...

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Bacon Onion Turnovers

Whether they eat them by hand or by fork, potluck-goers will enjoy these cute pastry packets. The bacon-onion filling is...

Pizza Turnovers

1 review

—Janet Crouch, Three Hills, Alberta

Quick Cherry Turnovers

13 reviews

Refrigerated crescent rolls let you make these fruit-filled pastries in a hurry. My family loves these turnovers for breakfast, but...

Apple Cinnamon Turnovers

4 reviews

I uses refrigerated biscuits to assemble these turnovers in a jiffy. They also have a easy filling made with chopped...

Turkey Turnovers

These turnovers are tasty and tempting to look at, and they can be served with or without gravy. They're a...

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Cran-Apple Turnovers

Our Test Kitchen staff filled these flaky phyllo-dough triangles with refreshing fruit. Prepare the turnovers for a low-sugar snack or...

Puffy Lobster Turnovers

Tender bits of lobster are nestled in golden brown puff pastry for an easy, elegant appetizer. Get ready to hand...

Spinach Feta Turnovers

3 reviews

These quick and easy turnovers are a favorite with my wife, who says they are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. —David Baruch, Weston,...

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Puff Pastry Apple Turnovers

13 reviews

I mentioned to a friend that I’d like to make puff pastry apple turnovers after I found a package of...

Dilled Mushroom Turnovers

1 review

My bite-sized mushroom pastries are hard to resist. For parties, I prep and freeze them ahead, then pop them into...

Apple Turnovers

34 reviews

Give this traditional apple turnover recipe a try. It makes a dessert that's both tender and flaky, with apple pie-like...

Blueberry Turnovers

8 reviews

Growing up, I loved to heat up a Pepperidge Farm blueberry turnover for an after-school treat. I decided I'd try...

Rose’s Apple Turnover Coffee Cake

Every Saturday our family would go to Grandma Rose's house for a great home-cooked meal. Best of all, though, were...

Sun-Dried Tomato Goat Cheese Empanadas

I created this appetizer because I entertain a lot and wanted something simple but special. People like these empanadas so...

Buffalo Chicken Empanadas with Blue Cheese Sauce

2 reviews

These little golden-brown pockets are fun to eat and feature the popular taste of Buffalo wings. Using rotisserie chicken and...

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